Bachelorette Party Guide

If you’re looking for a creative idea for a bachelorette party, a lingerie shower is a good place to start. It’s feminine, fun, and now the bride won’t have to spend money on sexy garments for the honeymoon. Maybe she’ll even get a little extra something that she wouldn’t have the guts to purchase herself.

Before you start planning, check with the bride to make sure she’s okay with the theme. The bride will need to be willing to give out her sizes. If she hasn’t been fitted for awhile, tell her to get a proper fitting. Refer her to Lingerie Diva’s sizing guide, and she can measure herself in the privacy of her own home. Next, you’ll need to get a description of what kind of lingerie she likes, including styles, colors and fabrics. Make sure to include the description on the invitation, so guests will be able to buy the bride exactly what she wants. Luckily, Lingerie Diva has a large variety of sexy garments to meet her needs.

After discussing everything with the bride, you can start planning the shower. First, decide when and where, and then decide what invitations to buy. There are many different invitations out there for a lingerie bachelorette party. Just remember to keep it lingerie-themed; pictures of corsets, garters or stockings make great visuals. Also, try to incorporate some of the colors that will be in the wedding.

Now it’s time to plan what you want to do at the party. Include the lingerie theme in various aspects of the party, like the food, cocktails, decorations and even the games. Check out these bachelorette party games for some ideas on how to entertain your guests. Of course, you can make up games too, like quizzes about the engaged couple or even drinking games related to the theme. Whatever plans you make, a lingerie-themed party is always a hit, and it will truly get the bride ready for her honeymoon!

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