Fully Intimate Gift Guide

No matter what the occasion, finding lingerie or sleepwear for that special someone can seem daunting. Every person has a different opinion about whether they want their lingerie to be sexy, cute or just comfortable. That’s why Fully Intimate created a five-part gift guide to help find the perfect present for that specific loved one, whether they are Sexy, Sassy, Comfy, Maternal or a Bride to Be.

For the Sexy One: Racy surprises and naughty little outfits are this person’s forte. They’re not afraid to flaunt it, so no need for timidness in the bedroom. This person likes to be a bit more explorative with their sexuality — maybe even try out something with vinyl or leather. They like bolder colors (like red or black) and even bolder lingerie. Get this person a corset or bustier, or maybe a revealing teddy for an experience you both will remember.

For the Sassy One: The sassy individual isn’t as worried about being sexy as much as they’re worried about having fun. They are the type that likes variety in lingerie, whether it’s through different patterns, colors or styles. More often than not, they want to stand out in a crowd, so help them do that with a vibrant babydoll or chemise.

For the Comfy One: Comfort is this person’s favorite thing, so forget about complex lingerie garb. They like things that they can wear on any occasion and in all parts of the house (not just in the bedroom). To keep this laid-back person happy, give them a comfy gown or robe, maybe even a pair of boyshorts.

For the Maternal One: Buying something for your mom can always be difficult; however, a gown or robe would be the perfect addition to any mom’s closet. Now, if you’re buying something for the mother of your children, get her something from one of the above categories to make her feel like her sexy, sassy or comfy self.

For the Bride to Be: Every bride wants something that will make her feel special on her wedding day, wedding night and throughout her whole honeymoon. That’s why when buying lingerie for a bride to be, you want to think about variety. While bridal lingerie is definitely a great place to start — and certainly a must have for the wedding day and night — think about the other things she may want to bring on her honeymoon, like a comfy gown or robe or a sexy corset or bustier of any color.

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