Axfords Sizing

Your Axfords corset waist size is different to your actual waist size as the corsets are designed to "slim" your natural waist size by 2 or more inches. It is advisable that you follow these guidelines when choosing your Axfords corset waist size:

- If your waist size is up to 26 inches, then choose a corset with a waist 2 inches less.
- If your waist size is 26 inches or greater, then choose a corset with a waist 4 inches less.

To ensure you order the correct size, please measure your waist, if you get an even number, for example 28 inches, take off 4 inches and order a 24 inch waist corset. If you get an odd number, for example 29 inches, take off 3 inches and order a 26 inch waist corset.

Which Size?

Sizing corsets is quite complicated and it is best to leave us to choose the correct size for you.

When ordering, it is important that you do not give the size of the corset you want, but your actual, uncorsetted measurements (in inches or centimeters.) To get these, measure around the fullest part of your bust/chest, the narrowest part of your waist and the fullest part of your hips. You may also give your bra and cup size (e.g. 34C).

We will then select the right size for you, usually (but not always) one which, when laced fully closed, will reduce your waist by about 4 inches (10 cm). However, you may not wish or be able to lace that tightly at first, but you should be able to lace up your corset so that it fits snugly all over. If you are unhappy with the fit, we are happy to exchange, provided corsets are returned as new.

The size of a corset is the measurement at the waist when fully closed. Sizes go up in 2 inch (5 cm) graduations: i.e. 20' (51 cm), 22' (56 cm) etc. The largest size is 40' (102 cm) - gentlemen's corsets C510 and C515 - which can fit up to a waist of 46' (117 cm).

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