How To Use Sexy Costumes

Halloween is not the only time to bring out sexy adult costumes — they’re meant for the bedroom too! In fact, sexy costumes are some of Lingerie Diva’s best-selling items year-round. However, in order to truly enjoy a sexy costume, you have to play the part. With such a large variety, it can be hard to see what costume will be a seductive success. Read on to find which sexy costume fits your most thought-out fantasy.

What’s Your Fantasy?

Choosing a sexy costume is fun because it’s something different that can spice up your sex life. While you’re changing into a different role, though, remember that it still needs to be one that turns you on. That’s the key in playing out the fantasy. If the thought of rolling around in hay makes you itchy, then the sexy farm girl costume is probably not for you. To see what is, check out these various role-playing scenarios that you can act out with Lingerie Diva’s adult costumes.

Lingerie Diva’s Various Roles

Sexy Geisha Costume

Lingerie Diva’s number one adult costume is the sexy geisha girl. It brings a little culture into the bedroom, not to mention colorful dresses. The reds and blues mixed with the Asian fans and umbrellas make this fantasy one worth playing out. Geishas are professional entertainers, so try a seductive dance or song to set the mood. Then it’ll be time to let down that hair and really entertain your guest.

Sexy French Maid Costume

The sexy French maid costume has always been — and will always be — one of the most popular bedroom fantasies. Something about those ruffles just gets people hot. The great thing about this all-time fantasy is that there are a number of ways to play it out. Is the French maid trying to seduce the man of the house? Or perhaps, he is trying to seduce her? However you want to play it out, make sure to add a French accent for the full effect. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Sexy Schoolgirl Costume

This costume is sure to make you feel eighteen again. As you may remember, there are a variety of ways to play out this school-themed fantasy. Is the class slut tempting the class prude? Is the captain of the football team showing off for the sexy cheerleader? Or how about flirting with Mr. Jones to get an A in Science? There are enough options in this fantasy for both partners to have leading roles — and enough to make tonight’s study session run late into the night.

Sexy Farm Girl Costume

The Dixie Chicks famously sing the song “Cowboy Take Me Away.” And it appears that many people fantasize about being that farm girl in the middle of nowhere or being that cowboy taking them away. The fantasy’s appealing because of the time-stopping, rustic way of life. So change into that lifestyle a bit when you put on your costume. Don’t use electricity and try just burning candles for a night. Or try and find a spot outside to seduce your man, really creating that farm girl fantasy.

Sexy Cop Costume

The sexy cop dominates the bedroom because — tonight — they’re in charge! And nothing’s sexier than a person with authority. Although they’re in charge, the prisoner can decide whether to be good or unrelenting. Whatever they choose, the sexy cop may need to use some hand-cuffs to keep their prisoner in line. A strip search may be necessary too.

Whatever role fits you — whether it’s a French maid, innocent schoolgirl or dominating cop — Lingerie Diva offers sexy adult costumes for every role-playing scenario.

Don’t forget to look at our lingerie accessories! They can help enhance any role-playing experience, making it an even more realistic fantasy.

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