Vollers Sizing

Your Vollers corset waist size is different to your actual waist size as the corsets are designed to "slim" your natural waist size by 2 or more inches. It is advisable that you follow these guidelines when choosing your Vollers corset waist size:

- If your waist size is up to 26 inches, then choose a corset with a waist 2 inches less.
- If your waist size is 26 inches or greater, then choose a corset with a waist 4 inches less.

To ensure you order the correct size, please measure your waist, if you get an even number, for example 28 inches, take off 4 inches and order a 24 inch waist corset. If you get an odd number, for example 29 inches, take off 3 inches and order a 26 inch waist corset.

Please note that Vollers overbust corsets are around 10 - 12 inches bigger around the bust than the chosen corset waist size. There is additional flexibility in the lacing.

Vollers Corsets also offer a bespoke made to measure service. Please contact us for details.

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