Sexy Men's Costumes

Play a hero, a villain or some other popular character in our sexy adult men's Halloween costumes. Hot new styles are added each year adding to the variety of adventurous alter egos you can adopt. Wear in the bedroom or role playing situations and enjoy these sexy costumes for men year round.

Buck Wild CostumeBuck Wild Costume

$69.81 $49.89

Julius Caesar CostumeJulius Caesar Costume

$72.61 $51.89

Mr. Bones CostumeMr. Bones Costume

$81.01 $57.89

Scorpion Warrior CostumeScorpion Warrior Costume

$249.15 $177.99

King Of Egypt CostumeKing Of Egypt Costume

$78.21 $55.89

Dustin Bones CostumeDustin Bones Costume

$67.01 $47.89

Groom Of Doom CostumeGroom Of Doom Costume

$81.01 $57.89

The Huntsman CostumeThe Huntsman Costume

$67.01 $47.89

Diner Dude CostumeDiner Dude Costume

$39.01 $27.89

Centurion CostumeCenturion Costume

$85.35 $60.99

Voodoo Priest CostumeVoodoo Priest Costume

$76.95 $54.99

Oktoberfest Guy CostumeOktoberfest Guy Costume

$159.55 $113.99

Army Ranger CostumeArmy Ranger Costume

$87.87 $62.79

Ref CostumeRef Costume

$39.20 $27.95

Top Gun Flight SuitTop Gun Flight Suit

$93.99 $69.99

SWAT CommanderSWAT Commander

$84.00 $59.99

Fire CaptainFire Captain

$78.40 $55.99

Count BloodlustCount Bloodlust

$46.85 $24.99

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