Sexy Men's Costumes

Play a hero, a villain or some other popular character in our sexy adult men's Halloween costumes. Hot new styles are added each year adding to the variety of adventurous alter egos you can adopt. Wear in the bedroom or role playing situations and enjoy these sexy costumes for men year round.

Ezio Assassin CostumeEzio Assassin Costume

$251.95 $159.99

Connor Assassin CostumeConnor Assassin Costume

$251.95 $159.99

Mens SWAT CostumeMens SWAT Costume

$75.27 $53.79

Senor Cerveza CostumeSenor Cerveza Costume

$55.95 $37.99

Mens Hercules CostumeMens Hercules Costume

$72.61 $51.89

Zoot Suit RiotZoot Suit Riot

$69.81 $49.95

Smoking Hot FiremanSmoking Hot Fireman

$61.46 $43.89

Good FellowGood Fellow

$69.81 $51.85

Chief WansumChief Wansum

$64.21 $45.85

Zeus King CostumeZeus King Costume

$50.21 $35.85

Cocky Cowboy CostumeCocky Cowboy Costume

$41.81 $28.99

St Dick CostumeSt Dick Costume

$41.81 $28.99

Greek God CostumeGreek God Costume

$97.95 $69.99

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