Corset Sizing

Ordering the right size of corset is much different than ordering other types of lingerie or undergarments. Instead of ordering the corset using your bra or dress size, you must order it by waist measurement. However, you must order your corset smaller than your actual measurement, because the size of the corset is taken when it is completely laced closed.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure you receive the correct size corset. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-888-473-4677 or by email at

First, you need to find your waist measurement. Take your bust and hip measurements as well, as some corsets require them. You can use either a soft measuring tape or a long piece of string that can then be measured by a ruler. Measure your bust by measuring the widest part of your breasts, at the nipple. Measure around your body, and take this measurement down in inches. Your waist measurement needs to be taken about an inch above your belly button; this is usually where your waist is smallest. For your hip measurement, you must again measure at the widest point. Stand sideways in a full-length mirror and measure where you are widest.

With all measurements, it’s important to remember not to pinch the string or try to take down measurements smaller than what they should be. Getting the wrong size won’t make you look skinnier—it will only serve to make you uncomfortable. Corsets fit (and look) best when they are the correct size.

Most corsets go by your waist measurements for the correct size. If your waist measurement is 26 inches or less, choose a corset that is 2 inches less than your waist measurement (i.e. if your waist is 24 inches, choose a corset that is 22 inches). For waist measurements that are 26 inches or greater, choose a corset that is 4 inches less than your waist measurement.

For odd numbered waist measurements, please add (if your waist is under 26 inches) or subtract (if your waist is over 26 inches) an inch from the standard corset sizing to make it even, as corset sizes usually only come in even numbers. If you have a 27 inch waist, take off 3 inches to make your corset size 24.

Sizing is different depending on size and use of the corset. Please select from the vendors below to find out more about sizing.




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