Costume Wigs

Wearing a costume wig is the best way to become the recognizable character you are portraying. These wigs are only meant for short term use but can last long if stored properly. Pair with your favorite Adult Costumes or Bedroom Costumes for more fun.

Blonde Grunge WigBlonde Grunge Wig

$17.87 $12.79

Brown Sharon WigBrown Sharon Wig

$13.39 $9.59

Afro Clown WigAfro Clown Wig

$6.67 $4.79

Rainbow Rocker WigRainbow Rocker Wig

$23.75 $16.99

Blue Galactic WigBlue Galactic Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Glow In The Dark BobGlow In The Dark Bob

$22.89 $15.99

Grey Short Pony WigGrey Short Pony Wig

$75.55 $53.99

Short Plum Pony WigShort Plum Pony Wig

$67.15 $47.99

Long Emerald WigLong Emerald Wig

$50.35 $35.99

Blue Short Glam WigBlue Short Glam Wig

$17.25 $12.27

Frankie Bride WigFrankie Bride Wig

$39.01 $27.89

Rocker Mullet WigRocker Mullet Wig

$22.21 $15.89

Wavy Allure WigWavy Allure Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Grey Wavy Allure WigGrey Wavy Allure Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Red Wavy Allure WigRed Wavy Allure Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Wavy Demona WigWavy Demona Wig

$33.55 $23.99

Orange Rave HeadbandOrange Rave Headband

$23.75 $16.99

Pink Cambria Wavy WigPink Cambria Wavy Wig

$33.55 $23.99

Dollipop WigDollipop Wig

$20.95 $14.99

Sugar And Spice WigSugar And Spice Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Sugar N Spice WigSugar N Spice Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Pink Desire WigPink Desire Wig

$30.61 $21.89

Gilded Goddess WigGilded Goddess Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Burning Fever WigBurning Fever Wig

$18.85 $13.49

Blood Temptress WigBlood Temptress Wig

$21.37 $15.29

Enchanted Tresses WigEnchanted Tresses Wig

$21.93 $15.69

Tri Color WigTri Color Wig

$20.53 $14.69

Black Bob WigBlack Bob Wig

$41.95 $29.99

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