How To Beat the Heat - Clothing Options to Keep You Cool

When the temperatures outside are soaring, you want to do everything you can to stay cool. And while wearing just a bathing suit is usually not an option, there are certain clothing and fabrics that can help keep your cool. Here are some of our tips on how to stay cool in the summer weather.

Go for light and airy fabrics – Air can circulate around your body more easily. Plus you won’t have to worry about your clothes sticking to your body or sweat stains.


Teal Cotton Cover Up


Wear light colors – Black might be slimming, but it also absorbs the heat more than any other color! To stay cool, wear white or other light colors that will reflect the heat away from your body.


White cotton halter dress

Wear as little as possible – At home, this can mean anything from a silky robe to your birthday suit. In public, it means to forget the layering and go for simple, light outfits. Think a summer dress with a necklace instead of a jean skirt, layering camisole, shirt and scarf.


Pink halter ruffle dress


Pick fabrics that breath – Cotton is hands down the best fabric for this, with linen close behind. Avoid satin and polyester, which are the worse as far as letting in air.


Floral romper


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