Long Wigs

Be a flirty blond, dramatic brunette or sultry red head in sexy long wigs! These lovely wigs go to great lengths to give you a new look. Shop our array of sexy wigs for going out, a special night, or a hot addition to a Halloween costume. Complete the look with our shoes, false lashes and gloves.

Blonde Mermaid WigBlonde Mermaid Wig

$21.93 $15.69

Auburn Seductress WigAuburn Seductress Wig

$16.75 $11.99

Brunette Coquette WigBrunette Coquette Wig

$23.05 $16.49

Auburn Coquette WigAuburn Coquette Wig

$23.05 $16.49

Blonde Coquette WigBlonde Coquette Wig

$23.05 $16.49

Blue Sweet Tart WigBlue Sweet Tart Wig

$30.75 $21.99

Grey Short Pony WigGrey Short Pony Wig

$75.55 $53.99

Long Emerald WigLong Emerald Wig

$50.35 $35.99

Long Wavy Purple WigLong Wavy Purple Wig

$19.55 $13.99

Long Wavy Red WigLong Wavy Red Wig

$19.41 $13.89

Indian Dame WigIndian Dame Wig

$36.21 $25.89

Diva Glam WigDiva Glam Wig

$32.85 $23.49

Blonde Medieval WigBlonde Medieval Wig

$27.25 $19.49

Black Medieval WigBlack Medieval Wig

$27.25 $19.49

Pinkie Glam WigPinkie Glam Wig

$32.85 $23.49

Pink Cambria Wavy WigPink Cambria Wavy Wig

$33.55 $23.99

Long Wavy WigLong Wavy Wig

$27.95 $19.99

Blue Sea Siren WigBlue Sea Siren Wig

$29.21 $20.89


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