Traditional Corsets vs. Fashion Corsets

Because corsets continue to stay in style, many manufacturers have come up with a more affordable kind: fashion corsets. LingerieDiva is proud to say that it offers both traditional and fashion corsets for our customer’s needs; however, there is actually a great difference between the two. We want to make sure that our customers are aware of those differences before purchasing their next corset.

The corset’s main function is to offer back support, create a slimmer waist, and also support the bustline. Traditional corsets do exactly that by offering the best support you can find from a piece of lingerie. Each panel on the corset is separately crafted and the front panels are strongly supported by the busk and stays, allowing for the corset to keep its shape and last longer. Additionally, traditional corsets shape to its owner’s individual body shape through repeated wear. They also are made with the best fabric — genuine silk, satin and lace — and include a cotton lining that helps keep the corset from staining or having a strong odor. While they are pricier, a traditional corset is worth the expense if you’re looking for long-lasting support.

If you’re looking for style alone, then fashion corsets might be more appealing because they are a lot less expensive than the traditional ones. While they offer the same look, though, they do not offer the same quality. They are often made of cheaper fabrics that look beautiful, but don’t last as long. They also don’t offer the same kind of support that traditional ones do or create a personal shape that forms to your body. These corsets are specifically made to keep up with the corset trends, but not to function as a traditional corset would.

Both traditional corsets and fashion corsets offer a kind of sex appeal that will always be trendy. If you’re buying a corset for great support and to cinch in your waist, then investing in a traditional corset will give you a product with better quality that can last for years. But if you’re buying a corset just because you like how they look, then maybe a less expensive, fashion corset is all you really need. Either way, buying a corset is a purchase that you’ll never forget because it’s a piece of lingerie that will always show off the feminine form. And that will never go out of style.

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