Short Wigs

Browse our sexy selection of stylish short wigs. We offer many different styles that are perfect for that special fun night or as an accessory to adult Halloween costumes. From curly to classic sleek styles to modern cuts, you will find plenty of short and chic wigs to top off your sexy looks.


$38.95 $27.95


$40.75 $29.89


$34.89 $25.59


$37.85 $26.99


$34.80 $23.99


$35.55 $24.99


$32.89 $22.99

Red China Girl WigRed China Girl Wig

$32.85 $22.99

Red Short Glam WigRed Short Glam Wig

$16.36 $11.78

White Short Glam WigWhite Short Glam Wig

$16.08 $11.58

Lilac Short Glam WigLilac Short Glam Wig

$16.36 $11.78

Neon Pink Babe WigNeon Pink Babe Wig

$12.69 $9.15

Blonde Jazz Baby WigBlonde Jazz Baby Wig

$15.91 $11.39

Fine Foxy Fro WigFine Foxy Fro Wig

$10.87 $7.79

Glow In The Dark BobGlow In The Dark Bob

$22.89 $15.99

Short Plum Pony WigShort Plum Pony Wig

$67.15 $47.99

4 Tone Bob Wig4 Tone Bob Wig

$36.21 $25.89

Neon Stripe Bob WigNeon Stripe Bob Wig

$36.21 $25.89

Neon Bang Bob WigNeon Bang Bob Wig

$36.21 $25.89

Short Blonde Wavy WigShort Blonde Wavy Wig

$27.81 $19.89

1970 Auburn Afro Wig1970 Auburn Afro Wig

$30.61 $21.89

Blue Short Glam WigBlue Short Glam Wig

$17.25 $12.27

Ritzy Blonde WigRitzy Blonde Wig

$30.05 $21.49

Ritzy Black WigRitzy Black Wig

$30.05 $21.49

Pink Mia WigPink Mia Wig

$55.81 $39.89

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