Nipple Tassles — Uncovered!

Nipple tassels can seem quite daunting — especially when they offer such little coverage. Where do you get them? What lingerie do you wear them with? How do you put them on? All are great questions with relatively simple answers. Although you may think nipple tassels are too flashy, they work well with most lingerie outfits and are definitely something to try out. Just one warning: once you try nipple tassels, you may never go back, realizing you’ve been missing out on these sexy little gems all this time. And life's simply too short for that...

1) Where do you get them?

Lingerie Diva sells a variety of nipple tassels (including stars, hearts, circles, satin, leather and more!) as well as lingerie sets with nipple tassels included. Just look in their lingerie accessories department for some great finds.

2) What do you wear them with?

Don't be afraid to add nipple tassels to any lingerie set. They work especially well with an underbust or cupless corset or even a demi bra (one that doesn't cover your nipples). However, you can just wear them under any top or lingerie piece, knowing that they’ll make their debut at some point during a night of play.

3) How do you put them on?

The main concern with nipple tassels is, of course, whether or not they will fall off. However, if you attach the nipple tassels with a quality tape or glue, you won’t have to worry about it. Some already come with a disposable tape that will stick well, but if you want to reuse your tassels, you can buy your own double-sided tape. Hollywood Fashion Tape is a good brand to try out. If you're looking to do a more serious range of twirling though, you may prefer glue. Eyelash glue will work, or you can get pastie glue. Either one can cause skin irritation, so I would try them out on a less sensitive part of your body first.

Nipple tassels are just like any other type of lingerie. If you're a nipple tassel newbie, start out with some simpler pasties, like the ever-so-popular Nippies. And then work your way up to tassels because they're guaranteed to make you and your partner feel that much more sexy. So — what are you waiting for?! — get some nipple tassels for a night of twirling fun.

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