Plus Size Sexy Costumes

Keep the excitement alive all year with our sexy plus size adult costumes. We have one of the largest and sexiest plus size costume selections. Browse hundreds of costumes then choose from our impressive collection of sexy shoes, gloves, wigs, false lashes, hosiery and other costume accessories.

Giddy Up Diva GetupGiddy Up Diva Getup

$81.01 $57.89

Pho King FemPho King Fem

$81.01 $39.99

Sack Me Sass DivaSack Me Sass Diva

$83.81 $59.89

Exotic Gypsy DivaExotic Gypsy Diva

$83.95 $59.99

Riskee Racoon DivaRiskee Racoon Diva

$69.95 $49.99

Queen Bee CostumeQueen Bee Costume

$67.85 $43.99

Chef RamsMe CostumeChef RamsMe Costume

$39.85 $21.99

Moolah MavenMoolah Maven

$56.59 $39.99

Sultry Officer DivaSultry Officer Diva

$159.55 $104.99

Frenchie Maid DivaFrenchie Maid Diva

$142.75 $94.99

Kinky Cop DivaKinky Cop Diva

$81.15 $57.99

Diva Joy Rider RacerDiva Joy Rider Racer

$67.01 $45.99

Gun Moll Diva CostumeGun Moll Diva Costume

$77.00 $54.99

Venus Diva CostumeVenus Diva Costume

$75.41 $36.99

Queen Polka DottyQueen Polka Dotty

$83.95 $59.99

Queen Vixen PirateQueen Vixen Pirate

$69.95 $49.99

Bunny Deluxe CostumeBunny Deluxe Costume

$139.95 $84.99

Tin WomanTin Woman

$84.00 $59.99

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