Plus Size Teddies

A teddy is a camisole and panty combined into one piece. All of these teddies come in plus sizes. We offer one of the largest selection of plus size teddies.

Queen Luxurious TeddyQueen Luxurious Teddy

$40.16 $28.71

Garter Bow Diva TeddyGarter Bow Diva Teddy

$50.35 $35.99

Queen Retro TeddyQueen Retro Teddy

$55.81 $39.89

Black Rose Diva TeddyBlack Rose Diva Teddy

$50.07 $35.79

Queen Lace TeddyQueen Lace Teddy

$20.92 $14.97

Lace Bands V TeddyLace Bands V Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Lace Band Arrow TeddyLace Band Arrow Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Sexy Fishnet TeddySexy Fishnet Teddy

$11.20 $7.39

Opaque Diva TeddyOpaque Diva Teddy

$9.80 $6.95

Diva Diamond TeddyDiva Diamond Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Diva Lace Bow TeddyDiva Lace Bow Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Diva Kitty RomperDiva Kitty Romper

$39.01 $27.89

Queen V Lace TeddyQueen V Lace Teddy

$25.15 $17.99

Queen Envy Lace TeddyQueen Envy Lace Teddy

$55.81 $39.89


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