Plus Size Teddies

A teddy is a camisole and panty combined into one piece. All of these teddies come in plus sizes. We offer one of the largest selection of plus size teddies.

Queen V Plunge TeddyQueen V Plunge Teddy

$69.95 $49.99

Queen Luxurious TeddyQueen Luxurious Teddy

$40.16 $28.71

Garter Bow Diva TeddyGarter Bow Diva Teddy

$50.35 $35.99

Black Rose Diva TeddyBlack Rose Diva Teddy

$50.07 $35.79

Queen Lace TeddyQueen Lace Teddy

$20.92 $14.97

Lace Band Arrow TeddyLace Band Arrow Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Sexy Fishnet TeddySexy Fishnet Teddy

$11.20 $7.39

Opaque Diva TeddyOpaque Diva Teddy

$9.80 $6.95

Diva Diamond TeddyDiva Diamond Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Diva Lace Bow TeddyDiva Lace Bow Teddy

$50.21 $35.89

Diva Kitty RomperDiva Kitty Romper

$39.01 $27.89

Queen Envy Lace TeddyQueen Envy Lace Teddy

$55.81 $39.89