Shirley of Hollywood Lingerie

Shirley of Hollywood is known for its top quality brand of sexy lingerie. We offer a huge selection of Shirley of Hollywood lingerie items.

Red Net Alarm TeddyRed Net Alarm Teddy

$27.86 $19.90

Barely There Bra SetBarely There Bra Set

$22.26 $15.90

Show Girl Sexy TeddyShow Girl Sexy Teddy

$27.86 $19.90

Strap Lace Hole TeddyStrap Lace Hole Teddy

$20.99 $15.50

Weave A Spell ChemiseWeave A Spell Chemise

$30.10 $21.50

Thrill & Frill TeddyThrill & Frill Teddy

$33.46 $23.90

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