Spring Break Essentials

I'm super jealous of all you divas out there who get to escape to warmer weather for Spring Break. Whether you're going to a party cove or a private island, here are the top five essential items you need for Spring Break!

1) Sexy bra set: Whether you're traveling with girlfriends or that special someone, you never know what can happen on Spring Break. One can never predict what will happen on Spring Break, wouldn't you want to look you're absolute sexiest...just in case?

bra sets

2) Babydoll: I never travel without at least ONE sexy babydoll! Not only are they super hot, they're my favorite pj's. Even if you're sleeping solo, you should still feel sexy!


3) Convertible Bra: Just because you're a diva, doesn't mean you want to lug tons of luggage around. Save some space and pack this versatile bra that can be worn 4 different ways.

Convertible Bras

4) A little black dress: Don't think you'll need a sexy little number for dinner? One never knows! Pack at least one hot dress. You wouldn't want to turn down a date due to lack of wardrobe options!

Little Black Dress

5) Swimsuit: Last but certainly not least for a tropical vacay, don't forget to back your swimsuit (or an entire wardrobe of swimsuits).

Sexy swimsuits

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