Spring Cleaning For Your Lingerie Drawer

Everyone is starting to do their Spring cleaning, and Lingerie Diva is here to remind you of one very important part of the house that should not, under any circumstances, go ignored. That’s right, today I’m advocating the “Spring Cleaning of the Lingerie Drawer”.

Much like how you clean out your closet at the beginning of every season – tossing out things you don’t wear anymore and filling it back up with things that are new – your lingerie drawer should be given the same treatment. For those divas not sure what they’re looking for when judging whether or not an undergarment should stay or go, here are a few tips for you:

Bras: Toss out any bras that have stretched out bands, worn straps, misshapen cups or underwire that’s poking into you. For one, that’s just not comfortable and two, you’re not going to get the support you need if your bra is so old that it’s lost its shape and elasticity.

You should also throw out any bras that are still pretty and sexy, but just don’t fit right. A bra that is too tight is going to give you bra bulge, not the smooth silhouette a good-fitting bra can deliver. And a bra that is too big won’t give you the support and lift you need. Life is too short to be wearing a bra that doesn’t do your girls justice.

To replace your old bras, I recommend a good basic bra, such as a nude convertible bra.

convertible nude bra

I also recommend adding a couple of fun, sexy bras for date nights!

sexy bras

Underwear: If you have to pull up your underwear during the day because the elastic in the waistband is shot, it’s time to get some new panties. Take this time to also toss out any underwear that’s overly faded, holey or stained. And one more thing (and this is a hard one): be realistic about how much weight you’ve gained over the weight/are going to lose this summer. Anything that’s too tight (and will always be too tight) needs to go.

Then refill your lingerie drawer with panties that  include everything from a nude or black brief to a fun, frilly boyshort that can playfully peek out from under you skirts to a "for his eyes only" thong.

sexy underwear

Pantyhose/stockings: Again, I’m going to start with the waist – toss out any where the elastic in the waist has given out. And, obviously, get rid of any that have snags or tears (even if they are small, they’ll just get bigger so why not start fresh?).

Then get two hosiery essentials: A pair of sexy, sheer thigh-highs and some basic fishnet tights.

thigh highs and fishnets

Anything you haven’t worn since last year: It’s the same as sweaters and pants. If you pulled it out last year thinking you’d wear it, but never did, it’s time for it to go. Whether it’s that robe that wasn’t really your style but on sale or the lingerie set that’s pretty but kind of outdated, if you’re not wearing it’s not sexy.

And then revel in the sexiness that is your new camisole set, bustier and/or teddy!

sexy lingerie sets

And now that you’ve rid yourself of all the stretched out, holey, faded, ill-fitting and just plain ugly, it’s time to re-stock your lingerie drawer with some sexy new things from Lingerie Diva. It’s also time to remind yourself to take proper care of your lingerie so it will last longer.

– Handwash it

– Don't put it in the dryer.

– Lay it flat to dry, don't wring it out.

– Invest in a special lingerie wash.

Trust us, it's all worth it to keep your lingerie in great shape and keep you feeling sexy. For more information on how to care for you lingerie, visit the our Lingerie Care Guide.

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