Find selection of sexy hats and chokers. We offer many different styles of hats. Great for a sexy night out or to accessorize a costume.

Leather Choker w/ringLeather Choker w/ring

$22.40 $14.89

Simple Leather ChokerSimple Leather Choker

$14.00 $10.19

Black D Ring ChokerBlack D Ring Choker

$27.95 $19.99

Sinful Black CollarSinful Black Collar

$25.71 $18.39

Sinful Pink CollarSinful Pink Collar

$25.71 $18.39

X Play Spiked CollarX Play Spiked Collar

$27.95 $19.99

Vinyl O-Ring ChokerVinyl O-Ring Choker

$18.15 $12.99

Vinyl D-Ring ChokerVinyl D-Ring Choker

$19.55 $13.99

Vinyl Zipper ChokerVinyl Zipper Choker

$19.55 $13.99

Nylon Bondage HarnessNylon Bondage Harness

$20.95 $14.99


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