If chains and whips don't scare you then chokers surely won't. Our unisex bondage chokers are great accessories for role play. Snap them on and attach chains and leashes for more pleasure. We also have beautiful blindfolds and whips too.

Leather Choker w/ringLeather Choker w/ring

$22.40 $14.89

Simple Leather ChokerSimple Leather Choker

$14.00 $10.19

Black D Ring ChokerBlack D Ring Choker

$27.95 $19.99

Sinful Black CollarSinful Black Collar

$25.71 $18.39

Sinful Pink CollarSinful Pink Collar

$25.71 $18.39

X Play Spiked CollarX Play Spiked Collar

$27.95 $19.99

Vinyl O-Ring ChokerVinyl O-Ring Choker

$18.15 $12.99

Vinyl D-Ring ChokerVinyl D-Ring Choker

$19.55 $13.99

Vinyl Zipper ChokerVinyl Zipper Choker

$19.55 $13.99

Nylon Bondage HarnessNylon Bondage Harness

$20.95 $14.99

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