Romantic Gifts

What better way to say "I love you!" than with a sexy surprise? Our collection of Romantic Gifts includes massage oils, body frosting, edible tattoos, sensual board games and more. Check out our other Lingerie Accessories for more ways to enjoy your lingerie experience.

Fur-Lined Love MaskFur-Lined Love Mask

$11.85 $8.49

Caramel Body PaintCaramel Body Paint

$17.45 $11.99

Crotch Candy PouchCrotch Candy Pouch

$14.65 $10.49

Cupid's CollectionCupid's Collection

$36.45 $17.99

Chocolate Tease GameChocolate Tease Game

$27.99 $19.99

Astroglide LubricantAstroglide Lubricant

$16.36 $11.71

Edible Candy CuffsEdible Candy Cuffs

$8.35 $5.99

Pink Silicone LubePink Silicone Lube

$19.59 $13.99

Black Rose BlinderBlack Rose Blinder

$24.45 $17.49

Lust! The GameLust! The Game

$25.29 $17.99

Candy GarterCandy Garter

$9.80 $6.99

Treasures of the SeaTreasures of the Sea

$25.99 $19.80

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