Why Buy a Corset

Women buy corsets for a variety of reasons—and most of these have to do with appearance. However, some women wear corsets because they can provide back and breast support. Whether you are purchasing a corset for fun, a special event, or for comfort, corsets are practical and sexy undergarments that have a variety of uses.

Many women wear corsets because they slim the waistline. Most proper corsets can instantly take 2-4 inches off of a woman’s waist, instantly achieving the appearance of weight loss and a smaller midsection.

Besides slimming the waistline, an allover slimmer figure is another reason why women wear corsets. Corsets, whether they are under or over bust, provide a slimmer silhouette that help women look better in dresses, skirts, or other form-fitting clothing.

Depending on the style and cut of the corset, women wear them to accentuate their bustline. Overbust corsets, which cover the breasts, push up the bustline in order to accentuate the breasts in dresses, gowns, or other types of clothing where cleavage is exposed. Additionally, most ‘lingerie’ corsets, which are mainly used to look sexy for a significant other, are overbust corsets. Underbust corsets do not cover the breasts and usually come to the top of the ribcage. This style is mainly used to slim the waistline and hips.

Besides creating a slimmer silhouette and drawing attention to the bustline, one of the more traditional reasons why women bought corsets when they were first becoming popular is still a great reason for women to buy them now—back problems, spinal support, and better posture.

Women didn’t mind wearing corsets on a daily basis back in the Victorian period because they helped relieve back problems, especially when they were caused by large breasts. This still holds true today-- because most corsets are made with busks in the front (a ‘plate’ made out of hard material, such as wood or plastic) and bone, metal, or wooden rods to keep its shape, they also add support, helping ease tension and pressure in the upper and lower back. This helps keep the back straight, which also improves overall posture and the ability to support heavy gowns or dresses without causing great pain.

The look of lost inches, a slimmer silhouette, paired with less back aches and improved posture, make corsets one of the sexiest and most useful pieces of lingerie or undergarments a woman can buy. Quality corsets, like the ones we provide here at LingerieDiva.com, ensure a product that will provide long-lasting enjoyment for several years to come.

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