11 of the Best Lingerie Blogs to Follow in 2018

June 26, 2018

If you’re like us and have a healthy obsession with lingerie, there’s probably no such thing as too much inspiration. Just think about all thesmoldering bedroom costumes andgorgeous fishnet stockings you haven’t slipped on yet—there’s a ton to be excited about in the lingerie world, and lingerie blogs are the best place to find new looks.


For the best lingerie blogs to follow in 2018, look no further. We’ve rounded up our favorite places to pull lingerie inspiration so you’ll never have to play the guessing game when ordering lingerie again. Of course, if you still need help ordering lingerie sizes, don’t forget to consult our lingerie buying guide.

11 Best Lingerie Blogs to Follow in 2018

Whether you like the sultry retro look or you’re set on becoming a modern muse, here are the best lingerie blogs as of 2018 that will gift you a wealth of inspiration on all things lingerie. Good luck choosing just one favorite!

1. Place de la Dentelle 

This French-English bilingual blog is a must if you’ve got a large bust. The blogger consistently reviews bras with a large bust for women who have a hard time finding the right sizing. As a bonus, they also compile fun fashion features, likethis one inspired by Marie Antoinette (of course). You can also find good leads on plus-sized lingerie that works for your bodyhere.

2. The Lingerie Raven

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The Lingerie Raven does everything you want a blogger to do: She discloses when a post is sponsored, she discloses when she receives free product, and she gives honest reviews of luxury lingerie brands that cost a pretty penny. This blog is a great go-to if you’re considering a pricey panty set and want to see if it’s worth the cash. If you want affordable prices on sexy lingerie, try browsing ourDeals of the Week.

3. Wishful Inking


Though new, this blog will bring a fresh eye to the lingerie space. Instead of a woman modeling the lingerie in the posts, this blogger illustrates very beautiful art to go with her words. She’s even done the cover art for Lingerie Raven! Enjoy this new type of blog sure to offer a fresh perspective.

4. The Daily Waist

best lingerie blogs to follow in 2018

Obsessed with corsets? Join the club. Or, just read The Daily Waist—it’s founded by former The Lingerie Addict columnist and corset label (Pop Antique) proprietor, Marianne Faulkner. Read her blog for everything corset-related, and when the mood to buy a new corset inevitably kicks in, just know we’ve got agreat collection for you to peruse.

5. Big Cup, Little Cup

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Besties with different chesties pair up for this blog featuring large cup bras and small ones. The result? Lots of realness and lingerie-buying insight. These gals are based in the UK, but their stunning blog is chock full of resources and tips for the woman buying lingerie anywhere.

6. Estelle X

Brimming with inspiration for the queer community,  Estelle X offers candid copy and stunning images in her lingerie blog. She is a queer stylist and model based in San Francisco, so most of the time, you can see her modeling the pieces in her blog shots.

7. Bustles and Bullets

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Pin-up babes, here’s your new muse! Holly Harlott of Bustles and Bullets delivers sexy retro looks thanks to her obsession with all things vintage. She’s also a pin-up model with affinities for French lace and ruffles, so you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what her blog entails. Bustles and Bullets features everything from industry news to collection reviews to styled features, all with a charming vintage tint.


8. Fairy BoobMother


With a blog name like this, surely you know what you’re getting yourself into with this blog. Based in the UK, this plus-sized lingerie blog is a must-read for curvy babes with big busts. It covers everything from industry news to news-you-can-use, like sexy anti-chafe bands that look more like lingerie accessories than a summertime necessity.

9. Morning Madonna

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If you like to shop small, cult brands, look to Morning Madonna for the scoop. This blogger carefully hand-selects and curates various lingerie collections that are under-the-radar but shouldn’t be. Her supremely sexy photos are classy, edgy, and feature a lot of black. Take a look at her taste in lingerie—you won’t be disappointed.


10. Lace and Haze 

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With a focus on craftsmanship, this Australian blogger offers a more “intimate” look at the world of intimates. She tends to feature more vintage-inspired cuts but doesn’t shy away from fun styles that are unexpected. The photography for Lace and Haze exudes warm voyeurism—much like the photos you’d want for your boudoir shoot.


11. Lingerie Diva

Of course, we couldn't have a post about the best lingerie blogs without including Lingerie Diva! We cover everything from finding the best lingerie for your body shape to celebrities with lingerie lines—we're your go-to lingerie authority. Be sure to bookmark us!

There are a lot of fabulous lingerie blogs out there just waiting for you to check them out! These blogs are great if you're deciding on shelling out a lot of money for expensive lingerie sets or if you're unsure about sizing. Getting real people's opinions can help you make better decisions about what lingerie to buy for yourself (or someone else). Don't forget we also have many tips in our lingerie buying guide!

Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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