11 Easy Halloween Costumes for Guys

October 06, 2021


easy halloween costumes for guys

Are you looking for easy Halloween costumes for guys this year?

When it comes to spooky season, finding a unique costume that suits your personality can be tough. Especially since so many costumes center on the female physique, guys might find it even harder to score their perfect Halloween costume.

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But finding great Halloween costumes for men is possible!

Whether you're looking for a last-minute Halloween costume with all the bells and whistles included, or you're seeking simple costume accessories for a quick DIY approach, Lingerie Diva's costume collection for men has you covered.

When it comes to looking for a Halloween costume, ask yourself this: What message am I trying to send? 

Let this question be your guiding force—as well as our handy, handpicked list below. (Just in case you need some help.)


11 Easy & Unique Halloween Costumes for Guys

To help you find your no-fuss Halloween costume for 2021, we have picked our favorite easy Halloween costumes for guys so all you have to do is scroll and click!

We have also included some coordinating costume ideas in case you're looking for a couple's moment.


1. Mob Boss

easy halloween costumes for guys

Are you a fan of Scarface and other mafia movies? Channel your inner mobster with an easy-to-execute Mob Boss costume for Halloween.

The above costume includes the jacket, attached vest, and pants. Add a black shirt to complete the look... and don't forget the infamous scar.

Click to shop the Mob Boss costume →


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2. Oktoberfest Lederhosen

easy halloween costumes for guys

This three-piece long-sleeved shirt, suspenders, and shorts set is perfect for beer lovers.

If you really want to get into character, don't call it Oktoberfest; call it Wiesn,and sip out of a stein all night. Prost!

Click to shop the Oktoberfest Lederhosen Costume for men →


 Easy Halloween Costumes for Guys

Shop the Short-Sleeve Lederhosen Costume for men →







easy halloween costumes for men


Shop the 5-piece Lederhosen Costume for women →








3. Ancient Gladiator Costume

easy halloween costumes for guys

This. Is. Sparta!! Or any other ancient city you're fighting to defend with this magnificent warrior costume.

Become a Roman or Greek warrior with this easy Halloween costume—it includes the hat and the tunic with attached cape. Finish it off with a sword prop.

Click to shop the Ancient Gladiator Costume →


easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Golden Gladiator Costume for women →








4. Woodstock Hippie Costume

easy halloween costumes for guys

Lean in to the era of Peace & Love with a colorful and fun hippie costume reminiscent of the Woodstock Festival days.

This costume includes the shirt, bellbottoms, and vest so you can pull your hippie Halloween costume together in a cinch! Add a pair of rose-colored sunglasses to truly see the world from a hippie's perspective.

Click to shop the Woodstock Hippie Costume →


easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Disco Hippie Costume →








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5. Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

easy halloween costumes for guys

Are you ready for your Halloween costume game to take flight? It doesn't get easier than a Top Gun Flight Suit—just jump into this jumpsuit and zip up!

This costume includes interchangeable name badges for Maverick and Goose—choose your character and ask a friend to suit up as your partner-in-crime.

Click to shop the Top Gun Flight Suit Costume for guys →


easy halloween costumes for guysShop Top Gun Flight Suit Costume for women →









6. Prince Charming Costume

easy halloween costumes for guys

Consider yourself a bit of a Renaissance man?  Look no further than this long, elegant coat made of velvet, straight out of the storybooks.

Complete with period details like wide-cuffed sleeves and silver buttons, this coat is the perfect addition to a simple pair of pants and a ruffled white shirt for a fairytale-approved costume.

Who knows—maybe you'll find your princess when the clock strikes midnight!

Click to shop the Prince Charming Costume coat →


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7. Boxing Champion Costume

easy halloween costumes for guys

If you're hoping to knock out the costume contest competition, try a boxing costume.

This four-piece set has everything you need to step out of the house and into the ring. It includes the satin robe, sash, boxer shorts, and the boxing gloves.

Click here to shop the Boxing Champion Costume →


8. Fire Captain

easy halloween costumes for guys

Maybe you've always wanted to see how you look in uniform. With the Fire Captain costume, not only are you comfortable, but you're a visi 🔥on of blue collar brawn. 🔥

The firefighter pants, suspenders, and shirt are included. Finish the look with a firefighter hat. Lots of "hose" puns to be had with this one!

Click here to shop the Fire Captain Costume →


easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Firefighter Costume for women →








9. Cock Block Pun Costume

easy halloween costumes for guys

If you're a grammar-loving guy, a punny costume like the "Cock Block" getup is certain to spark some laughs. There's no doubt you will get plenty of attention!

Halloween costumes for guys don't get easier than this one—simply wear an outfit you love and slip into the one-size-fits-all block. Done!

Shop the Cock Block Pun Costume →


10. SWAT Commander

easy halloween costumes for guys

Another great man-in-uniform choice, the SWAT Commander costume requires little effort on your part yet packs major impact.

Just dress in black pants, a black shirt, and black shoes. The costume includes the SWAT vest, kneepads, and fingerless gloves. 

Click here to shop the SWAT Commander costume →


11. Mask + Whatever You Want

For the extra lazy guys, an easy go-to Halloween costume is the mask.

Masks are available in a variety of characters—from funny to scary to fuzzy—so you can have freedom in choosing just about whoever or whatever you want.

Most times, a mask is all you need to complete a Halloween costume. If you're wearing your regular clothes with it, you can punch it up with costume accessories and props.

Shop Halloween Masks:

easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Caveman Mask →







easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Sugar Skull Mask →








easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Avatar Jake mask →







easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Silver Skull Half Mask →







easy halloween costumes for guys


Shop the Brutal Beast Hood →







By now, hopefully you've found your Halloween costume for this year! If not, don't fret. There is more to discover.

Browse all the costumes below to find your perfect Halloween look.

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