Editor's Picks: 11 Hot Panties for Women

April 21, 2021

hot panties for women

If you’re looking for hot panties for women, your search can stop here.

Our Lingerie Blog editor has handpicked the hottest panties below that will make your partner pant.

This list includes some of our sexiest X-rated selections that are sure to please, no matter your preferred lingerie style.

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Hot Panties for Women: Sexiest Thongs, G-Strings, Briefs & Boyshorts 

*Asterisks denote Velvet Kitten panties designed in-house, found exclusively at Lingerie Diva!


1.Lace-Up Embellished G-String *

hot panties for women

Go ga-ga over this gorgeous g-string! While this super seductive g-string is teeny tiny, it packs a lot of feminine and sultry details into its compact design. 

With red satin ribbon lacing on its front, sheer fabric, and gold rhinestone chain detailing, this thong is perfect for ladies who love daring bedroom looks. Pair it with a bright red bustier to complete the outfit. 

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2.Crotchless Maid Panty

hot panties for women

Oh là làaa!

These french maid panties were made to drive your lover crazy in the bedroom. Even with an open-crotch and thong design, these erotic panties still find a way to make imaginations go wild.

If you've ever thought about trying the french maid roleplay fantasy, pair these panties with a french maid bra and a feather duster to complete your costume. 

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3.Dream Of Me Panty

hot panties for women

Kink-lovers will go crazy over these erotically daring panties!

In case you haven't noticed, these hot panties are all about the drama: The back is completely sheer with a tantalizing open slit, and the front features seductive criss-cross straps highlighting the hips.

To make these panties even hotter, wear them with some black pasties

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4. Crotchless Schoolgirl Themed G-String *

hot panties for women

One of the most popular role play fantasies is the schoolgirl fantasy, and these panties show why. The sweet, pink plaid front tells one story, while the g-string back of these panties tells a completely different one. Oh, and did we mention it's crotchless?

If you love sweet and spicy lingerie, you’ll love these panties. Wear them with some other school girl accessories to finish the costume. 

→ Shop Crotchless Schoolgirl Themed G-String

5. Black Ring & Chain G-String *

hot panties for women

This g-string is for the most fearless females, covering basically nothing and featuring an erotic twist.

We love that these panties make the sensual open-crotch chain look elegant with the modern black straps and cool ring detail. Wear this pair for a glamorous take on pearl thongs!

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6.Peek A Bow Crotchless Thong

hot panties for women

Your body is a gift, so why not put a bow on it? Wrap yourself in lace with these gorgeous panties. 

Your lover can sneak a peek at their present because these panties are not only crotchless but they also feature a cheeky rear keyhole opening.

→ Shop Peek A Bow Crotchless Thong

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7.Strappy Rhinestone G-String *

hot panties for women

If you’re a girl who loves glitz and glamour then these fabulous g-string panties will be right up your alley! 

With rhinestone accents, some floral embroidery, and a horizontal peek-a-boo strap, these shimmering panties are sure to make you feel like a diva. Pair them with some rhinestone-accented pasties for a look that will truly shine. 

→ Shop Strappy Rhinestone G-string


8. Pink Lace Sweet Seat Short *

hot panties for women

While these gorgeous boy shorts feature feminine, baby-pink lace, they are anything but innocent.

This Velvet Kitten design features an open crotch, a back cutout, and side cutouts just asking to be traced with your partner's fingers.

To top it all off, this pretty panty has a faux-jeweled decorative buckle on the front, simply balancing sweetness and seduction.

→ Shop Pink Lace Sweet Seat Short

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9. Ruched Rene Ruffle Panty *

hot panties for women

These simple panties will definitely ruffle some feathers when you pull them out in the bedroom. Although they look innocent with a ruffled look and a baby-blue satin bow, the sheer white mesh tells a different story. 

Pair them with some neon blue pasties or even wear them under a soft and sweet babydoll for an iconic lingerie outfit. 

→ Shop Ruched Rene Ruffle Panty

10.Booty Pack Split Back Crotchless Variety 3-Pack Boyshort

hot panties for women

We love a package deal, and this three-pack features a variety of split-back, open-crotch boy short styles to match your mood.

One pair is fishnet fabric (pictured above), while another is lovely lace, and another is a sexy leather look.

Keep it interesting and let your partner pick which one you wear for a night of fun at home. Surely that won't be the only surprise of the night!

→ Shop Booty Pack Split Back Crotchless Variety 3 Pack Boyshort

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11.Sweetly Tempting Crotchless G-String

hot panties for women

Sweet temptation! Your lover won’t be able to resist your flower when you wear these gorgeous g-string panties.  

With contemporary gold-plated rhinestone accents, contrasting floral embroidery, and a super sexy horizontal peek-a-boo strap that has rhinestones on the front and a heart on the back, this panty is guaranteed to become one of your favorite lingerie pieces. 

→ Shop Sweetly Tempting Crotchless G-String

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