Cool Girl Style: How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

July 31, 2022

Fashion Lingerie Inspiration: How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

One of the cool girl style tricks you need to know is wearing underwear as outerwear. Now, before you go clutching your pearls—let us explain.

There are many tasteful ways to wear underwear as outerwear without it looking like you left the house without pants on!

In fact, once you learn this lingerie styling trick, you will realize how much it expands your wardrobe! Many new outfits will be created, giving you an excellent price-per-wear for every piece you own.

There are many ways to make your lingerie work double-duty as regular clothing, and we’re going to give you all kinds of ideas to help you learn how to style your own unmentionables to make them appropriate for outerwear.


How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear  

Layering is key

underwear as outerwear

When you're first deciding which lingerie pieces you can transform into outerwear, think about the extra stylish bras and bralettes you may have hiding in your drawer.

Even more, perhaps you’ve got a mesh cami or bodysuit just waiting to make its debut. All of these items are fantastic for turning into fashion statements, and you won’t even feel underdressed. Not when you layer, at least.

The key to wearing an undergarment as outerwear is to remember to layer up instead of going bare.

A bra, for example, becomes a lot more mysterious and stylish when you add a cool jacket or oversized blazer to the mix. (It is also much more practical for cooler months.)

Additionally,  you can make up for skin showing by pairing your bra and jacket with high-to-mid-waisted pants. This will help the outfit feel balanced, and it’ll also help you feel more comfortable.

underwear as outerwear


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underwear as outerwear


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Borrow from the boys

Fashion Lingerie Inspiration: How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

Remember our tip about pairing a blazer with your brassiere? Not only is this look on trend, but it's also a fun way to play with new styles.

Thanks to the way fashion norms have progressed within the past decade, androgyny is at an all-time high. When you play with proportions and mix tight and loose clothing, the result is a tasteful and trend-setting outfit. 

Pair your feminine bra with an oversized blazer and/or boyfriend jeans to successfully balance the two looks to create one hot fashion statement.


underwear as outerwear


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When in doubt, accessorize

Fashion Lingerie Inspiration: How to Wear Underwear as Outerwear

Lastly, just as with any outfit, when you're trying to complete the look, accessories always save the day.

Especially when you're trying to rock your underwear as outerwear, a few well-placed accessories can drive the look home. After all, you don't usually accessorize your bedroom outfits as much as you would a going-out outfit.

With that in mind, try adding a statement necklace or hairpiece to your ensemble.

Jewelry and accessories can help your look be regarded as an outfit for the outside world instead of one to be worn behind closed doors.


underwear as outerwear


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underwear as outerwear


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Need more underwear as outerwear inspiration?

Check out Lola Savage relaxing in her rope hammock. When it's your backyard in Calabasas, California, you don't have to worry about all the rules 😉.


Steal her style:

underwear as outerwear


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Hopefully, you found new outfit ideas you never dreamed of! 

As you enter the world of underwear as outerwear, just remember to balance the delicate details of lingerie to make it suitable for outside wear.

Pieces such as masculine blazers and well-placed jewelry can turn your lingerie into star wardrobe items. It's all about how you style them!

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