Hot Summer Nights: 11 Lingerie Trends to Try Right Now

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 Hot Summer Nights: 11 Lingerie Trends to Try Right Now

For these sultry summer nights, slip into something a little more breathable. There’s no shame in changing out your lingerie seasonally, and we’ve still got a lot of nights to go before winter comes knocking. When it comes to your sleep lingerie or your special occasion sets, consider swapping your old go-tos for some fresh designs.

Below are some of the hottest lingerie trends for summer 2018, and we have a strong feeling they’ll inspire fall intimates trends as well. Which of these flattering lingerie trends will you try next?

1. Not Your Grandma’s Florals

Florals are having a huge moment in the fashion industry, and as we learned from Lingerie Designer Wendy Mcmillian in last week’s post, lingerie and fashion actually have a lot in common. Show off your stylish side with a stunning floral bodysuit or bra and panty set—just be sure to pick a piece with a naughty detail to keep it from being too sweet.

2. Easy Lace

What’s not to love about lace? The timeless fabric never fails to make a lady feel like a flower. When it comes to shopping for lacy lingerie, remember that no-fuss is fabulous. All you need is something simple, lacy, and flattering to make your man go wild.

3. Animal Print Anything

Prints and patterns are generally getting lots of love lately, but one type of pattern seems to be the most prevalent. Reacquaint yourself with animal print, because leopard print is hotter than ever, and there are so many lingerie pieces to choose from. Our advice? Buy a few different prints for various Friday nights in. Your man will love the endless surprises.

4. Cheeky Bottoms

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Thongs are great, there’s just something so playful and irresistible about cheeky bottoms and boy shorts that cover just enough skin. Plus, they’re often very comfortable! Don’t be shy about getting cheeky;  these classic and tasteful undies will pair well with any outfit—especially when you strip it off at the end of the night.

5. Frilly Fun


Embracing your inner goddess and dressing up in sexy lingerie is a surefire way to feel like a woman. If you want to play up the femininity, pick out some frilled lingerie that screams “sex appeal.” A little frill never hurt anyone, and you’ll love feeling like a lady in your sweet but sultry lingerie look.

6. Not-Just-for-Brides White

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White’s not only for brides and brides-to-be! Especially as we flaunt our late-summer sunkissed skin, white is the perfect color for these August and September nights. Any lingerie set, babydoll, or even the above teddy gets a classy touch when it’s worn in white. Plus, if you’re trying to get your man to commit, showing him how great you look in white is always a savvy move.

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7. Color Play


Not only is white fair-game these days, but truly, many unique colors are trending this season. Mix up the black and red with some cool, unexpected lingerie looks in a dreamy palette. Turquoise is a stunning choice, and any shade of purple is bound to make you feel like royalty. Don’t be afraid to branch out from your usual hues—you never know what your new favorite look could be!


8. Cute, Comfy Cotton


When you hear the word “cotton,” your first instinct probably isn’t “sex appeal.” But not everything about lingerie has to be drop-your-pants hot! Sometimes, the sexiest sets are the most comfortable and practical. It’s all about how you wear the item. So, since summer nights can be so hot clothing becomes optional, try slipping into some light cotton panties. Cotton drawers are actually quite darling.

9. Stylish Straps

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If one thing has changed majorly in the lingerie world over the past decade or so, it’s the straps. Designers are creating lingerie and intimate wear with strappy looks that add a whole new element to the garment. Some bras feature simple, racerback designs, and others have more intricate straps such as halters and criss-cross designs. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a bra or bralette with creative straps.

10. Goddess Gowns

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The world of lingerie is expanding so much that you can have an entire bedroom wardrobe! The newest trend for gals wanting to spice things up in bed is the addition of a gorgeous gown. No, not like prom. These “goddess gowns” are the modern take on robes. They can be worn with something or nothing underneath, and they’re bound to make some magic happen between the sheets. Trust us on this one. Buy the above gown here.

11. Bangin’ Bodysuits

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Again, taking cues from the fashion world, the world of intimates is all about the bodysuit. These one-piece wonders take on a whole new life with racy cutouts and daring details. One of the best parts about a bodysuit is how versatile it is, so don’t hesitate to style it with extra accessories.

Your lingerie collection doesn’t have to play it safe. In fact, the bedroom is one place you can try new things and branch out! Try one of these gorgeous lingerie trends for late summer 2018 if you’re ready to spice things up and be a modern muse. And don't forget to check out the hot lingerie deals of the week!

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