Underneath It All: Get to Know Lingerie Model & Entrepreneur Melissa Jean

March 11, 2022

 melissa jean underneath it all

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It's time again to get to know one of Lingerie Diva's inspiring lingerie influencers!

In case you missed it: we started the Underneath It All lingerie influencer interview series in 2020—after seeing our gorgeous social media influencers rocking our lingerie looks in their own unique ways, we were inspired to get to know them better...

And we thought you might, too!

Highlighting some of the hottest lingerie influencers online, this series goes beyond what you see on Instagram and gives you another look at life as an influencer.

We're firm believers that beauty starts from within... so we're going Underneath It All.


Today's Diva is the inspiring Melissa Jean! 

melissa jean underneath it all

Photo by BPS Imagery

Steal her style:

underneath it all melissa jean


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With more than 119,000 Instagram followers as of this writing, Melissa Jean is a rising star in the lingerie influencer world.

Between the meetup events she hosts in South Florida to her three covers for Playboy, Melissa Jean is a lingerie model worth watching. 

Learn more about this model and entrepreneur below in the latest installment of our Underneath It All lingerie influencer interview series! 


Underneath It All: Learn About Melissa Jean

Lingerie Diva: Where are you from?

Melissa Jean: I have lived in a lot of places including Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Philadelphia, West Palm Beach, and am now based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


LD: What's your favorite part about being an intimates influencer?

MJ: I love shooting in the latest fashion trends and I also love helping support independent business at the same time.


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LD: Do you do any other work in addition to being an influencer? If so, what?

MJ: I'm a full time traveling model, although I'm modeling a lot less these days because I'm also organizing photography meetup events in South Florida.



LD: What do you wish more people knew about you? 

MJ: That I'm very down-to-earth and also a goofball if you get to know me personally.


LD: Who inspires you?

MJ:  All artists that think outside of the box, independent artists that I see hustling as hard as I do, and models that I see supporting other models.


LD:What song will you never skip when it comes on the radio?

MJ: Anything by Depeche Mode.... but I don't really listen to the radio..


LD:  What do you listen to?  Spotify or Apple music?

MJ: So I don't listen to Spotify or Apple music... I do Soundcloud.


Listen Now: Melissa Jean has given readers permission to raid her Soundcloud music collection! →


LD: If you had to choose... Corsets or bra-and-panty sets?

MJ: I love both... but don't really own a lot of corsets.


underneath it all melissa jean



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LD: What are you currently loving from Lingerie Diva?

MJ: A purple lace bodysuit and a black corset with garters.


melissa jean underneath it all

Photo by Bold Photographix

 Steal her style:

underneath it all melissa jean


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LD: We love to hear that! Those pieces by Velvet Kitten are designed in-house. What are you working on next?

MJ:  I have my second 2-day modeling event coming up in South Florida March 12-13, 2022, featuring 15 of the top glamour models from all over the US!

Any photographers looking to build their portfolio with gorgeous professional models, please come on down to Florida this spring and join us!


Loving Melissa Jean's vibe? Find her here:


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