Underneath It All: Get To Know Lingerie Model Lizzie Lee

December 28, 2021

lizzie lee underneath it all

All photos by Ashley French

Are you ready to get to know another one of your favorite lingerie influencers a bit better?

Our Underneath It All lingerie influencer interview series began in 2020 following the creation of our influencer program. Seeing these gorgeous social media influencers rocking our lingerie looks in their own unique ways, we were inspired to get to know them better.

And we thought you might, too.

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The Underneath It All blog series was created to highlight some of the hottest lingerie influencers online.

Yes, you may get to see exclusive photos in these interviews, but you'll also get to know our lingerie influencers beyond their looks. We're firm believers that beauty starts from within... so we're going Underneath It All.


Today's Diva is the lovely Lizzie Lee!  

lizzie lee underneath it all

With more than 211,000 Instagram followers as of this writing, Lizzie Lee is shining bright on social media. Between her appearances on the red carpet and in Playboy and Maxim, she is a lingerie model worth watching. 

Of course, her looks aren't all she's got going on.

Learn more about this impressive entrepreneur below in the latest installment of our Underneath It All lingerie influencer interview series! 


Underneath It All: Learn About Lizzie Lee

Lingerie Diva: Where are you from?

Lizzie Lee: I am originally from Santa Cruz, CA.


LD: What's your favorite part about being an intimates influencer?

LL: I love promoting a product that not only makes me feel sexy but empowers other women to feel beautiful too! 


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LD: What's your least favorite part?

LL: It can be challenging because some people are really judgmental and mean about it, due to the “sexy” nature of the content/photos.

I was name-called today, actually, for it. 


LD: Trolls are the worst... How do you deal with hateful comments like those?

LL: Trolls are the worst! I typically block them but sometimes I have to defend myself with a witty response first ;)


LD: Do you do any other work in addition to being an influencer? If so, what?

LL: Yes, I own a promotional modeling agency, @alaraproductions.


Lizzie Lee underneath it all


LD: That's awesome! What do you wish more people knew about you? 

LL: I am actually a really humble and down-to-earth person. I consider myself just like everyone else.

I am not better or above anyone just because of what I do for work. 


LD: Who inspires you?

LL:  I am inspired by people who help and motivate others, as well as other influencers who use their influence for good cause(s) and not just to inflate their own egos. 


LD: What song will you never skip when it comes on the radio?

LL: “Life goes on” by Oliver Tree (also from Santa Cruz, CA).


LD: If you had to choose... Corsets or bra-and-panty sets?

LL: Bra and panties.


lizzie lee underneath it all
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LD: What are you currently loving from Lingerie Diva?

LL: This turquoise two-piece set is my absolute favorite right now. It’s so soft/comfortable and sexy! 

 Steal her style:

lizzie lee underneath it all

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LD: We love to hear that! Velvet Kitten pieces are designed in-house. What are you working on next?

LL: I can’t give away all my secrets but I have LOTS in store for 2022…

One being hosting group shoots and another being mentoring/coaching models… and several other things I will not say, so definitely stay tuned! ;)


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