14 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for 2023

January 04, 2023

valentines day date ideas

Looking for some help from Cupid this year? These Valentine’s Day date ideas are perfect for all kinds of couples.

Whether you've been together forever or you're still getting to know each other, there are all kinds of things to do to celebrate February 14!

In 2023, Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday. Celebrate the weekend prior or all week long—everyone loves a little unexpected "thinking of you" gift!


Romantic, Fun & Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for 2023

1. Cook Something Special Together 

valentines day date ideas

Things are sure to heat up in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day!

Pick something special to cook with your significant other, like a favorite meal or what you ate on your first date. You’ll have so much fun preparing it and even more fun devouring it.

For added romance, decorate your dining room and table with rose petals and candles. For a touch of kink, surprise your partner in a sexy French maid costume.


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2. Let Loose Creatively with Each Other

valentines day date ideas

Your relationship is picture-perfect, so why not paint it?

This Valentine's Day, tune into a classic Bob Ross painting tutorial or choose to paint a subject that’s a bit more erotic, like each other naked. Affordable painting supplies and canvases can be found at your local craft store.

Or, for a much more intimate date night: Use each other's bodies as your canvas.


valentines day date ideas


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3. Take a Sunset Stroll 

valentines day date ideas

The best thing about sunsets (and sunrises), is that you can enjoy one no matter where in the world you live. (With a few exceptions.) Plus, they're free!

Bundle up this Valentine's Day and make a date to take a sunset stroll with your significant other around your neighborhood, local park, or someplace new. Early birds can make a sunrise date—just don't forget cozy blankets and delicious coffee!

Though this seems like a simple activity, small planning details will make it extra special. 

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4. Do A Fireside Dinner Date 

valentines day date ideas

Your spark may not be able to light the actual fire, but this cozy Valentine's Day dinner date idea will be sure to ignite something in you and your partner.

Make a reservation at a restaurant with fire pits or create a 5-star moment for your love at home with some fancy wine, a delicious dinner, and a roaring fire. 


valentines day date ideas


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5. Try Adventurous Role Play 

valentines day date ideas

There’s no time like Valentine’s Day to try something new in the bedroom.

Slip into a new role for some adventurous role play fun with your significant other. This date night idea is great for couples who think they know everything there is to know about each other!

Explore one another in a whole new way with a role play scenario both of you want to try.  First-timers can get pointers on introducing role play in the bedroom here, or if you're ready to suit up, check out these role play scenario ideas.


valentines day date ideas


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6. Draw A Romantic Bath

valentines day date ideas

Warm water, cozy vibes, and no clothes... You get the idea. Get steamy on Valentine’s day with a relaxing and sensual bath with your partner.

Put on romantic music, light a few candles, pour some drinks, and cut the lights. (It's all about setting the mood.)

Don’t forget the bath bomb! Some CBD bath bombs offer extra physical relaxation you may want to try.

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7. Set Up A Wine & Cheese Pairing 

valentines day date ideas

For an elegant Valentine's date night, consider visiting your local wine bar for a wine and cheese pairing. (Reservations are always recommended for holidays if the restaurant takes them!)

If you prefer to stay cozy at home, you can easily set up set up a charcuterie board and tasting for a date night in. (You could also do a beer tasting or non-alcoholic tasting—get creative with your favorite snacks!)

Try and discuss different pairings, and feed each other interesting combinations—tongue-play is an instant turn-on!  


valentines day date ideas


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8. Play in the Snow Together

valentines day date ideas

The couple that plays together stays together!  No matter your adventure level, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy the snow instead of sulk about it.

Whether you enjoy skiing/snowboarding, snowmobiling, building snowmen, or just sitting fireside, there are all kinds of fun activities to make snowy Valentine's Days warmer. 


valentines day date ideas


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9. Star in Your Own At-Home Burlesque Show 

valentines day date ideas

Put on a burlesque show for your significant other by taking off your clothes slowly to some tantalizing tunes.

For a truly burlesque look, don a hot black bob, some thigh-high stockings, and some sexy lingerie. Your partner will be on the edge of their seat, or rather the bed, through the whole performance. 

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10. Road Trip to a Cozy Cabin 

valentines day date ideas

Depending on where you live, perhaps you can take a road trip to a cozy cabin in the woods, mountains, desert, or by the sea.

Being alone with your partner for the weekend will allow you to fully embrace and appreciate them. And the adventures you go on won’t just be outdoors. 😉


valentines day date ideas



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11. Rub Each Other Down with Massage Night

valentines day date ideas

Set the mood for a massage night with comfortable pillows, candles, aromatherapy, and of course, sexy music.

Strip down and oil up for a fully nude massage experience with your lover. Of course, providing a happy ending is a must. Edible massage oil kits certainly turn up the heat.


valentines day date ideas


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12. Play a Sexy Board Game

valentines day date ideas

“Board games” and “sexy” may not sound like two words that go together, but that’s only because you haven’t heard of games like Naughty Nights: Erotic Dare Dice, Bound By Love, Cosmo’s Wildest Sex Games, or Dirty Deeds.

How about you put the Monopoly set away for the night and try one of these intensely hot games?  


valentines day date ideas


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13. Watch a Romantic Movie 

valentines day date ideas

Make your own movie theater for a romantic night in. Pop some popcorn, drink some spiked soda, and cuddle up on the couch to watch a romantic film.

The best part? There’ll be nobody there to yell at you for making out in the back of the theater. 


valentines day date ideas


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14. Write (or Read) Erotica 

valentines day date ideas

“He gently caressed the fabric of my Lingerie Diva panties, and then…” 

Get creative this Valentine’s Day by writing erotica for and about your partner. It can be silly or sensual—either way, whatever you write will be a page-turner and is sure to turn your partner on. 


valentines day date ideas


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Hopefully these Valentine's day date ideas gave you some inspiration for the holiday.

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