Which Lingerie Type Fits Your Personality? [Quiz]

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Are you a corset kind of gal, or are you a chemise type? Perhaps a simple, matching lingerie set suits your style, or you're more into the cupless and crotchless varieties.

Which Lingerie Type Fits Your Personality?  [Quiz]

If you've spent any amount of time scrolling on LingerieDiva.com, you've probably noticed that there are many lingerie types to choose from. Bustiers, teddies, chemises, and even role-play costumes make up the site. It can be easy to feel like there are too many options to narrow it down—especially if you love them all! We totally feel you on that. 

Maybe you don't buy lingerie often, or maybe you're just starting to define your taste in intimates. Perhaps your man is trying to get you to add some new unmentionables to your collection, or you're stocking up your honeymoon wardrobe. No matter where you are in your lingerie life, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out which type of lingerie really suits you. Reading our Lingerie Buying Guide can certainly help, and brushing up on the various types of lingerie doesn't hurt, but sometimes, you just want someone to tell you what you should do. Ain't nobody got time to spend hours deciding on which skivvies to buy! 

Well, worry no more, Lingerie Diva. We're here to help you find the absolute perfect fit when it comes to lingerie. We created a fun and quick quiz for you to help carve out your personal lingerie style. Based on just five questions, our in-house lingerie experts will make a suggestion on which type of lingerie suits your personality. This lingerie quiz will make your lingerie-buying life so much easier, and maybe you'll learn a little something about yourself in the process, too!

If you're ready to find out which lingerie type suits your style and your personality, our lingerie quiz is ready for you to make the first move. Take the lingerie quiz below to find out your lingerie personality type, and you may even get a special treat for playing along.

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So which type of lingerie are you?

Do you think it matches your personality? Share a picture and your results below!
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