Sexy Red Riding Hood Costumes

Mens Big Bad Wolf Costume
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Don't lurk in the forest! Step out into the crowd and cause a wild stir in this red and black checkered tunic with faux fur hood and separate fingerless gloves.
Red Riding Hood Costume
Red Riding Hood Costume features a black corset with red lacing, comfort lining, and boning. Also includes matching skirt and hooded cape.
Red Haute Costume
The Big Bad Wolf won't be the only one who wants a taste of you this Halloween when you venture out in our Red Haute 4-piece sexy storybook character costume. With mouthwateringly tasty faux leather corset bodysuit with garter straps, flirty faux fur detail, arm gauntlets, faux fur tail, and dashing matching cape, there won't be anything little about your red hot-ness!
Red Hot Riding Hood
Red Hot Riding Hood costume features strapless dress with lace-up front and pocket detail, gloves with lace trim, bow headpiece and hood.
Red Hot Riding Hood Costume
3 Pc Red Hot Riding Hood includes dress, waist cincher with lace-up front detail and capelet with hood.
Red Annie Layered Petticoat
Dance around in this 18" 2 layer red maxi petticoat.
Little Red Costume
The fairytale does tell, if your grandma suddenly has a deep voice, and big eyes and mouth, you may want to run like hell. Go skipping or swaying to more than just grandma's house in this gorgeous fairytale dress with full length hooded satin cape!
Lusty Lil Red Costume
Lusty Lil Red Costume features a cape with hood, blouse, lace-up waist cincher, and flared skirt.
Dark Red Riding Hood Costume
A sophisticated and seductive take on a classic storybook character. The Dark Red Riding Hood costume is composed of a one-piece dress, matching long flowing cloak and comes with a plaid black and red hanky. Basket is not included.
Classic Red Riding Hood
Be wary in the woods when you wear this red hood! Dress has faux corset bodice, full skirt with intricate print, and cape. Basket not included.
Sexy Red Riding Hood Costumes

Don’t get lost on your way to grandmother’s house or the big bad wolf might gobble you up in these sexy Little Red Riding Hood costumes from Lingerie Diva. These women’s Red Riding Hood costumes are so sexy that your partner definitely won’t be able to resist gobbling you up. Wear these cute and flirty costumes to a Halloween costume party or use them for a fun night of role play with your partner. You can even dress your man in our men’s big bad wolf costume to create a perfect matched pair. Be sure to remember to accessorize your storybook costume with our Red Riding Hood costume accessories. You’ll love the superior quality of Lingerie Diva’s products paired with our surprisingly low prices. Order your costume today and take advantage of our free shipping and knowledgeable customer service staff.

Each of these Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costumes is made in a slightly different style to appeal to different kinds of Halloween celebrators. Some of them feature cute little mini dresses while others feature longer skirts. Almost all of them include a lace-up bodice and a white or black top. Every single one of these lovely costumes includes a titular red hooded cape which matches the red color of the dress. Each of these different sexy Red Riding Hood costumes gives a different feel when being worn. Some look like they come from a darker story with deeper reds and a lot of black accents. Others look cuter, more fun and less serious.

Any one of these adult Little Red Riding Hood costumes would look great with some storybook costume accessories from Lingerie Diva. Cover your legs and complement your short skirt with any of our knee-high or thigh-high stockings. Combine these with a pair of high heels to make your legs look even longer. You can also choose one of our petticoats to give your skirt some extra volume and make it look larger and fluffier.

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