Blue Short Glam Wig
Short blue glam wig with blunt cut full bangs.
Neon Green Glamourama Wig
Long neon green wig with full bang.
Neon Orange Glamourama Wig
Long neon orange wig with full bang.
Medium Curly Two Tone Wig
Curly shoulder-length two tone wig with bangs. Makes a bold statement with any sexy costume.
White Glamourama Wig
Long bright white wig with full bang.
Neon Yellow Glamourama Wig
Long neon yellow wig with full bang.
Indian Dame Wig
Black pig tails wig with tie detail and matching feather headband. Pairs well with any Native Indian costume.
Medium Rocker Shag Wig
Medium shaggy wig with bangs and several rainbow shades. Makes a bold costume statement.
38 Inch Super Long Blond Wig
This super long 38" blond wig has endless possibilities for it's use. Make sure to pick up a wig cap to help control hair under the wig and to add comfort.
Paper Doll Synthetic Wig
Platinum blonde modern bob cut wig.
Medium/Dark Brown Pin Up Doll Dome Piece
This synthetic clip in hairpiece attaches directly to your existing hair for full bodies curls. Pictured in color: 1B.
Annie Synthetic Hairpiece
The Annie hairpiece is a jaw clip attachment that is easy to apply and adds glamorous curls to your do.
Rule you next costume party by wearing this black Cleopatra wig with your Egyptian style costume. This straight cut wig features bangs and a stylish center part. The 20 inch length of the wig makes it dramatic, but still manageable to wear.
Fringe Benefit Bang Hairpiece
Get bangs in an instant! This hairpiece features longer sides to blend in with your existing hair. This hairpiece attached directly to your existing hair by three pressure sensitive clips.
Bring some old fashioned glamour to your sexy costumes with this retro inspired fingerwave wig. This platinum blonde short wig features soft feminine tight waves and a stylish side part. Wear it and find out why blondes really do have more fun!
N.Y. Chic
Drop-dead gorgeous ponytail add-on with long, loose curls. The base is a drawstring pocket for easy and secure attachment. Color shown: Medium Dark Brown Synthetic hair extension.
Boho Chic Synthetic Hairpiece
The Boho Chic dome hairpiece has a braided edge with a detailed center. This synthetic hairpiece attaches directly to your existing hair by pressure clips.
Dazzle is a short and sassy bob cut with full bangs and a natural look skin crown. Features soft venting wig cap system with adjustable straps for maximum comfort and customized fit.
Pirate Princess
Go ahead and let your flair for the dramatic go straight to your head. This head turning dark brown wig features an abundance of long soft spiral curls all over that hang slightly below the shoulders.
Mirage Synthetic Hairpiece
The Mirage Hairpiece features tight sprial curls that measure to 22" in length.
Long Wavy Wig
Long wavy red wig with adjustable strap.
Bounce Synthetic Hairpiece
This drawstring hairpiece attaches directly to your existing hair for a curly layered look thought your pongtail. Synthetic Hairpiece. 10" Long.
Angle Hair Synthetic Hairpiece
This jawclip hairpiece attaches directly to your existing hair for a flowing curly ponytail. Synthetic Hairpiece. 8" Long.
Fashion Twist Hairpiece
A comb piece hairpiece that attaches directly to your existing hair for an extra twist. 100% synthetic hair. 4" Length.
Aisha Synthetic Hairpiece
This drawstring hairpiece features an abundance of curls that spice up any hairstyle.  Drawstring securely fits over any existing small bun or ponytail.
Short Plum Pony Wig
Short purple wigh with black streaks, blunt bangs, and pig tails.
Grey Short Pony Wig
Gray purple long wig comes with detachable pony tails.
Blue Sweet Tart Wig
Look as sweet as the candy with this blue Sweet Tart wig!
Black & Pink Untamed Wig
Be the life of the party like Lady Gaga in this black & pink Untamed wig!
Mixed Blonde Elise Wig
Long curly mixed blonde wig with stylish short straight bangs.
Blonde Elise Wig
Long curly blonde wig with stylish short straight bangs.
Silk Spectre Watchmen Wig
Styled Silk Spectre Watchmen wig is comfortable and durable. Adds to the authenticity of any Silk Spectre costume!
Retro Glam Wig Adult
This red carpet worthy wig is the perfect way to top off your glamourous costume. The styled wig has a side part and curls. For a better fit and comfort, get a wig cap to control hair under the wig.
Blue Galactic Wig
Blue Galactic Wig features blue beehive waist length wig style.
Red Goddess Wig
The deluxe goddess costume wig has long wavy hair in a natural red color with some loose curls towards the bottom. The top portion of the hair is pulled back in a center part, keeping the long hair out of your eyes. This synthetic wig is ideal for a siren temptress, Mother Earth goddess or forest fairy Halloween costume. One size fits most adults.
Long Red Devil Wig
40" long synthetic hair red devil wig.
Neon Green Short Glam Wig
Short glam wig with blunt cut full bangs.
Neon Yellow Short Glam Wig
Short glam wig with blunt cut full bangs.
Neon Bang Bob Wig
Short bob cut wig with bags and four neon colors. Makes a bold statement with any sexy costume.
Neon Orange Short Glam Wig
Short glam wig with blunt cut full bangs.
Neon Aqua Short Glam Wig
Short glam wig with blunt cut full bangs.

Transform yourself into a completely different person with a women’s sexy costume wig from Lingerie Diva. These wigs are perfect to pair with our collection of sexy Halloween costumes. They can also be a fun addition to role play in the bedroom. You may even want to develop an entire character based around a different hairstyle. Your adventurous alter ego may have all kinds of different hairstyles. Some of the wig styles that we carry include wigs with short hair and wigs with long hair. Some of them have curly hair while others are straight. They also come in a wide variety of different hair colors. There are traditional brunette, red and blonde wigs. However there are wilder colors such as white, black and neon colors like pink, green and turquoise.

Use one of our more natural wig selections to help finish a costume or create a realistic alternate persona. Choose a long and flowing wig with curly or straight hair or a wig with a specific hairstyle such as feathered bangs. Some wigs have straight-cut bangs while others do not. There are innocent long blonde wigs, sultry wavy auburn wigs and short, straight wigs with a ton of personality. Let out your inner mermaid or goddess with a long red and curly wig. Some wigs are meant to portray a certain character such as our Marilyn Monroe-inspired short, curly bleach blonde wig. We also have Cleopatra wigs, French aristocracy Baroque wigs and Grecian goddess wigs. Very short wigs look great with flapper Halloween costumes while long black wigs create the look of a Native American princess.

If you’d just like to mix up your look in the bedroom or at the dance club, we also carry multicolored wigs that are great for trying out new and fun looks without committing to dye. Some of these would also look great when paired with Halloween costumes, but most have less specific purposes than wigs with natural colors. These wigs also come in a wide variety of lengths and hair consistency. Try a long and curly wig or opt for a short cropped colored wig. We offer a huge variety of bright colors like blue, rainbow, black and white stripes, purple pigtails, emerald locks and even more.

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