Essential Lingerie Accessories

It’s true when you're a great lingerie piece you really don't need anything else, but adding on some sexy lingerie accessories can make your outfit a lot more fun.They’re almost props in a way. Here are some essential lingerie accessories to add some extra zing to your bedroom outfits.

Sexy shoes: 
Whether its shoes that give your outfit a certain look, plays into your bedroom costume theme or just shows off your gorgeous gams, a killer pair of heels is a great addition to your lingerie (and a must-have if you’re going to performing a sexy striptease). Plus, you have the fun choice of taking them off or leaving them on during sex.

Gloves are an accessory that pleases multiple senses: visually they can add some serious sex appeal to your outfit, and they can be used to heightened your partner’s sense of touch during foreplay and sex. Tease him by lightly stroking his bare skin with a set of these sexy gloves, then maybe pull one off and use it as a blindfold.

For when you’re in a fun and frisky mood, a boa is a perfect accessory for any burlesque lingerie outfit and a great accessory for a sexy burlesque striptease. Sway with it around your hips, use it to playfully keep covered while you take off your bra, wrap it around his neck… so many playful options!

Whether you want to add a little something extra to a sheer lingerie set or want to give him another “layer” to peel off, pasties are a sexy, fun way to accessorize. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, and you can pick ones that compliment or contrast with your outfit.(Want more tips on ways to wear pasties? Check out this article.)

Other lingerie accessories include wigs, false eyelashes, and sexy jewelry - just to name a few! Head over to our lingerie accessories section to see all of the fun and sexy options we have available for you!