Guide to Buying Lingerie


Gift Buying Guide

Lingerie makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift, but just like any other gift, picking the appropriate item is important. If you’re feeling a bit confused about the differences between lingerie items, visit our Lingerie Glossary for a quick tutorial. The following topics are important to consider when choosing a lingerie gift, whether it is a romantic surprise for a significant other or a gift for a bride-to-be at a bachelorette party or bridal shower.

If you still feel unsure about buying lingerie for a special someone after reading this guide, romantic gift sets can help set the mood without needing to know a size or style preference. Lingerie Diva also offers Gift Certificates in $25 increments, ensuring that she can get exactly what she wants.


Just as there are many personality types, there are lots of styles of lingerie. The most important factor when selecting lingerie is to make sure that it matches the preferences and desires of the gift recipient, not the gift giver. Though it might be funny to give a really racy piece of lingerie to a modest person at a party, the gift should match the recipient’s personality.

General fashion sense and personality types can help determine the appropriate style for a gift. Try to visualize the gift recipient wearing a garment and decide if it matches their personality. For example, women who prefer casual fashions would probably like a fun ruffled teddy or panty set; women who enjoy retro fashions may appreciate a lacy garter belt; adventurous women may enjoy a skimpy teddy or peek-a-boo bra.

For a quick dose of inspiration, visit our Best Sellers section to browse our most popular items. If you want to remain on the safe side, lingerie garments made from satin, charmeuse and lace materials are quite popular among many women. Racier garments made from leather, PVC and vinyl are a bold choice and should only be given to adventurous recipients whose exact sizes are known.


Ensure that you know the appropriate size of the gift recipient before making your purchase to avoid an embarrassing situation for all parties.

If you are giving the gift as a friend or relative as part of a bachelorette party or shower, it may be acceptable to ask the recipient about their size, or ask her to make a Wish List.

For discreet gifts and surprises for a significant other, examine the size tags on existing garments in the recipient’s wardrobe. Bra sizes use a number and letter system, corresponding to the underbust and breast size. Women may have more than one size of different garments in her closet; select the size that occurs the most often. Vendor size charts can also help determine the appropriate size if you know the gift recipient’s body measurements.

If you are still unsure of the appropriate size, some of the less form-fitting garments, like babydolls and chemises, are available as One Size Fits All.


Red, black and white are the most common lingerie colors and always make a safe choice. Women with lighter skin tones can be washed out in lighter colors; a darker color may be a better match. If the lingerie is intended for everyday use, a light color (such as nude, pink or white) will go with more outfits. When in doubt, select her favorite color.


The occasion for the gift is also an important consideration, as racy gifts opened in front of groups can create awkwardness and discomfort. If the gift is for a bridal shower attended by family members, the style should be on the modest side and the color should be white, pink or nude. Gifts for bachelorette parties can be a little racier, but should still match the recipient’s style and character.

If the gift is for a significant other for an anniversary, holiday or birthday and will be opened in front of friends and family members, a modest gift such as a robe or gown is appropriate. Gifts shared in private can be as wild as you are and should reflect the romantic mood you want to set.


Cheap lingerie can make a negative statement, but it doesn’t mean that a gift has to cost a lot. Lingerie Diva offers the best prices on many brands of lingerie, and the Deal of the Week, Best Gifts Under $25 and Clearance sections can give you even more for your money.