How To Care For Swimwear

It’s no secret that chlorine, sun, sunscreen and sand can do some damage to your bathing suits. And while it’s important to always rinse out your suit after wearing, swimsuit care goes beyond that. Here are some tips on how to care for your swimwear.

 First, always rinse your swimsuit by hand. Never put it in the washer or dryer, which could cause it lose its shape, fade or became pilled. It is recommended that you wash your suit after every use.

 When rinsing your swimwear, use a specialized detergent, which will help to neutralize any chemicals (like chlorine) that your suit has taken in. Mild hand soap or baby soap could also work.

 Think of your swimsuit as an extension of your lingerie. You would never wring out your silk bras, and the same goes for your bathing suits. Instead, lightly squeeze out the water and then hang or lay flat on a towel to dry.

 If you are cleaning a new swimsuit, do it separately; don’t add it to other delicates. A new swimsuit could bleed dye for a couple washes and you don’t want to add some unwanted color to your undies!

 If you are going back out swimming soon, use an alternate swimsuit. Most suits need time (24 hours or so) to go back to their original shape; wearing it too soon could cause it to stretch.

 For you hot tub people, be aware that the high heat and chemicals can do much more damage to your suit than the sun and chlorine will. Thoroughly rinse out your suit as soon as your finished in the hot tub – you might also think about using a cheap or old suit as your hot tub suit so you won’t ruin anything new.

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