Lingerie Diva's Gift Guide

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or even Christmas, finding lingerie or sleepwear for that special someone can be difficult. Of course everyone has different tastes when it comes to lingerie, which is why Lingerie Diva created a gift guide for people to find the perfect present for their specific loved one. This gift guide is divided up into five parts according to various personality types: Sexy, Fun, Casual, Motherly and Men's Lingerie.

For the Sexy One:

This person likes to get a little crazy in the bedroom with racy surprises and different outfits. They like more adventurous lingerie — maybe something with vinyl or leather. The colors in their wardrobe are usually black and red because these are a bit bolder and add more sex appeal. This person is certainly not new to lingerie and would appreciate something a bit more on the naughty side, like a corset, bustier or maybe a revealing teddy.

For the Fun One:

The fun individual likes variety, whether it is different patterns, colors or styles. This person doesn't buy the same shirt twice and wouldn't be caught dead in the same shirt as another person at a party. They definitely don't wear white or beige because they want to stand out, so help them do that with a vibrant babydoll, camisole or chemise.

For the Casual One:

This person is all about comfort — forget fancy lingerie get-ups! They like solid colors that they can wear for every occasion. Because they like to lounge around, they'll want a comfy gown or robe, maybe even a pair of boyshorts. Don't even think about getting them a thong or corset. These are too much fuss for this laid-back person.

For the Motherly One:

This lady does everything she can to keep her family afloat, and because of this, she deserves whatever she wants when it comes to lingerie or sleepwear. Look at the above categories for a certain something to make this lady feel her best, whether it's sexy, fun or casual.

For Men's Lingerie:

If you're looking for a piece of lingerie or sleepwear for a more manly individual, Lingerie Diva's Men's Lingerie department is a good place to start. From boxers to robes to sexy costumes, all you have to decide is whether your man wants silk or cotton.