A Chemise is a one-piece, shirt-like undergarment or piece of lingerie. It can also be described as a short, straight-hanging sleeveless dress.  A chemise is very similar to a Babydoll, but is more tightly fitted at the hips.

Sweet Thing ChemiseSweet Thing Chemise

$50.21 $35.89

Love Actually ChemiseLove Actually Chemise

$47.41 $33.89

Sugar Plum ChemiseSugar Plum Chemise

$47.41 $33.89

Fringe Frenzy ChemiseFringe Frenzy Chemise

$48.95 $34.99

Patient Love ChemisePatient Love Chemise

$61.55 $41.79

Midnight Kiss ChemiseMidnight Kiss Chemise

$61.55 $41.79

Feeling Lucky ChemiseFeeling Lucky Chemise

$69.95 $47.49

Second Chance ChemiseSecond Chance Chemise

$62.95 $42.74

Spring Fever ChemiseSpring Fever Chemise

$61.55 $41.79

My Baby Love ChemiseMy Baby Love Chemise

$62.95 $42.74

Lucky Spots ChemiseLucky Spots Chemise

$44.47 $31.79

Holiday Babe ChemiseHoliday Babe Chemise

$39.01 $27.89

Haute Holiday ChemiseHaute Holiday Chemise

$61.55 $40.99

Haute Helper ChemiseHaute Helper Chemise

$78.35 $51.99

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