All the Types of Lingerie: Explained

July 27, 2021

all the types of lingerie explained

Maybe you’re finally dipping your toes in the world of sexy lingerie, or perhaps you’re just brushing up on your brassiere knowledge—either way, there are many reasons you should know all the types of lingerie.

Not only will you increase your know-how about these sexy little numbers, but, in turn, you’ll also become more confident in choosing the right lingerie for you (or your partner.)

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Especially when you begin to learn which lingerie styles look best on each body type, you’ll never have a problem buying lingerie online again!

This article will go over all the types of lingerie, when you should wear them, and what makes them different from the others.

Are you ready to get a lesson in lingerie?


types of lingerie explained

By definition, a camisole is “a woman's loose-fitting undergarment for the upper body, typically held up by shoulder straps and showcasing decorative trimming.”

Camisoles, otherwise known as a “camis” for short, are essentially tank tops that can be worn either underneath your clothing for extra coverage or alone for an extra sultry silhouette.

Lingerie Diva specializes in sexy-yet-comfy camisole styles that typically feature delicate lace trim around the bust area and/or the bottom hem. These extra little details make this lingerie item a dainty piece every woman should own in a few go-to neutral hues.

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A cami can be worn to bed for a sweet and stylish slumber, or it can be worn as part of your everyday outfits.

types of lingerie


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The beauty of a camisole is its amazing versatility, so you can’t go wrong with getting a few different styles and colors!

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all the types of lingerie explained

This tight garment is meant to slim your waist and accentuate your gorgeous curves.

Typically extending only from your chest to your hips, a corset will carve out your stunning shape.

A corset can also be known as a girdle, especially when it's worn as an undergarment to shape the figure beneath your clothing.

However, there are also playful corsets that can spice up your time in the bedroom and amp up the intrigue on ordinary outfits.

types of lingerie

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all the types of lingerie explained

If you want to lift your bust, a bustier is for you!

Not too dissimilar from a corset,the bustier is a form-fitting garment that boosts up your bust by tightening around the upper midriff.

You tighten a bustier using corset-like ties, which also gives your waist a slightly slimmer shape thanks to the boning often included within the fabric. A bustier is strapless and sleeveless and often worn as a top.

types of lingerie

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That is where corsets and bustiers differ—a corset is meant to be worn as an undergarment, whereas a bustier can standalone as a sexy top (unless, of course, it’s a cupless bustier for the bedroom!).

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all the types of lingerie explained

Teddy, bodysuit, camiknicker—all terms for one type of lingerie.

A teddy is an all-in-one piece that fits like a bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit, but it is typically sheerer than these types of garments. Basically, a teddy is a playtime-approved bodysuit.

Depending on how adventurous you are in the bedroom, there are many types of teddies you can choose from—whether you’re more into a sexy S&M-inspired style or a classy white one-piece, the range of teddies is wide enough for you to find one that suits your lingerie style.

types of lingerie

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Teddies don't always make it outside the bedroom, but you could dress up a more conservative teddy with a skirt or denim for a night out on the town!

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types of lingerie

Inspired by the shapes worn in the 1920s, a chemise is a dress that hangs straight from the shoulders and gives your figure a uniform shape.

If you like loose-fitting clothing, a chemise will be your new favorite item! This roomy garment is a great way to make bedtime much cuter. Silk chemises make lovely nightgowns and play up your feminine side.

types of lingerie

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 Some chemises are so stylish, they almost look like mini-dresses you can wear out! You can also crank up the naughtiness with a cupless chemise if that’s your style.

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Bra-and-Panty Sets

all the types of lingerie explained

Ladies who love convenience will love bra-and-panty sets.

These pieces of lingerie are exactly what they sound like—matching bras and panties that come as a set when you purchase them.

types of lingerie

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When men try to buy lingerie for their partners, they often underestimate the value of a darling bra-and-panty set. Often, all it takes is a matching set to make a woman feel sexy in her own skin—it’s a treat ladies don’t always get to experience.

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Don’t forget to consult our lingerie buying guide if you need help choosing the best style for yourself or someone else!

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Gowns and Robes

all the types of lingerie explained

The last type of lingerie we’re looking at today is the robe.

Robes are open garments that tie in the front and can be worn for a variety of occasions.

You might wear a robe when primping and getting ready for a date night, or you might wear a robe to surprise your partner with a special reveal behind closed doors. Sheer robes amp up the heat in the bedroom and can really impress your partner.

Similarly, a gown is like a longer robe. These hot pieces add elegance and an ethereal flair to your lingerie style as they cascade along the floor while teasing your goodies.

types of lingerie

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Fashionistas love choosing sexy gowns to wear in the bedroom, so this could be a great option for you if you like to stand out and make a lasting impression.

We also love a gorgeous lingerie gown for the glamorous gals who enjoy lounging like royalty. Know a queen who deserves one? 

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Choosing lingerie should be a fun experience, and we want you to know everything there is to know so that your lingerie shopping can be stress-free.

Hopefully, this article helped clear up any questions about the types of lingerie out there and what they’re worn for. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


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