Body Paint and Chocolate

Nipple Arousal Gel-Watermelon
This amazing gel is preferred by customers the world over for its "Tingling" sensation and succulent flavor! Spread it on & lick it off and watch your Erogenous Zones "Rise To The Occasion!
Play Pens Edible Body Paints
Add color to your bedroom! The Play Pens Edible Body Paints come in four fun colors. The easy squeeze pens have brush tip applicators so you can apply the paints just where you want them. The Pens have four delicious flavors, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Strawberry. Art with a great taste!
Edible Body Play Paints
Take intimate play time to new "erotic heights" with Edible Body Paints Play Kit from Hott Products. Write your most inner desires on your partner's body, and explore intimate fun in a sexy new way. Non-staining/non-toxic water based formula. 4 assorted delicious flavors (passion fruit, cherry, pina colada, strawberry). Paint brush and stencil kit included.
Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping
Make your fantasy come true! The Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping Sampler Pack features four different flavors - Chocolate Almond, Cafe Mocha, Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Strawberry - for your edible entertainment.
Chocolate Play Pens Two Pack
Body pens for expressing how you feel in both dark and milk chocolate!!
3 Pack Neon Body Paints
Now you can write out your inner most desires on your lover's body with these fun NEON Play Paints! These bright assorted colored paints, are easy to use, and fun to play with. Let your lover really know what's on your mind during playtime! Comes with Ultraviolet Pen illuminates the paint in incredible super bright neon colors in the dark! Paints glow in any blacklight party setting.
Stardust Body Glitter - Opal
Shimmer like the night sky! The Stardust Glitter comes in a 2-ounce plastic jar. The glitter can easily be applied to the skin or hair. The special formula lasts for hours and is safe. A touch of romance!
Large Latex Brush Pack
Make applying your liquid latex easier with this large brush pack. Pack includes: 2-1" foam brush, 2-2" foam brushes, 1-3" foam brush, 1-3" roller, 1-3" foam roller refill & 1-1" blush brush.
Body Paint and Chocolate

Play a deliciously sweet game with your lover with the collection of body paint and chocolate from Lingerie Diva. Your partner will love all of the naughty games that you can come up with using this edible body paint. We also carry glittery and brightly colored body paint for nights out at the club or trips to funky music festivals. Finish off your collection with a set of brushes for application. You’ll love the low prices that you’ll find for your favorite sensual body paints and edible play pens. Place your order today and you’ll be drawing all over your lover in an erotic game in no time.

Spice up things in the bedroom with ease with a fun pack of edible body paints or body chocolate from Lingerie Diva. These sweet play pens allow you to draw and write anything that you’d like on your lover and lick it off when you’re done. This play paint is safe, edible and delicious. Incorporating a sweet treat into your bedroom life will help awaken your other senses during foreplay and result in a stronger connection with your partner. Get these edible body paints in different colors and flavors. A pack of colorful play pens contains bright colors such as red, blue and green. There are also different flavors such as vanilla cream, strawberry and honeysuckle. If chocolate is your favorite, we also carry edible body chocolate in several different flavors. Don’t forget to take a shower after you use these body paints as they have a tendency to make your body sticky.

If you’d like to decorate yourself by painting your body for an event or a night out, we also carry inedible body paints, body icing and glitter. These body paints come in several different bright and neon colors that will allow you to create bold looks for your club night or music festival. Body icing will give you a shimmery and colorful glow that is perfect for your nightlife. Finally, make yourself sparkle with hair and body glitter. Try a combination of these products and you’ll brightly shine through the night.

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