How to Choose the Best Lingerie for Your Body Type

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 how to choose the best lingerie for your body type

The “one size fits all” idea couldn’t be tougher when it comes to lingerie. Especially when you take into account all the gorgeous women in the world, you’ll probably notice one recurring theme: None of them look the same! Each woman has her own personality quirks, and the same goes for her body. No two bodies are the exact same—that’s what makes them so beautiful and intriguing.

Our differences are what make us unique, and it would be a shame not to celebrate those differences. That’s why Lingerie Diva proudly carries plus-size lingerie—because we know women come in all shapes, and no single shape is objectively sexier than the other.

Even knowing all this, though, many women still run into the same issue: choosing lingerie. Because there are so many types of lingerie, it can be hard to know which styles will flatter your body the best. You can have a rockin’ body, but if you don’t show it in its best light, it might not receive the attention it deserves. And that’s where we come in. 

We’re going to go over how you choose the best lingerie for your body type so you’ll never have to walk around aimlessly in an intimates store ever again. Even better: As you learn which lingerie types flatter your body best, you’ll get so confident with purchasing lingerie that you’ll be able to buy it online with no qualms! Now, doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Our Lingerie Buying Guide is chock full of tips, too.

Best Lingerie for an Apple Body Shape

how to choose the best lingerie for your body type

An apple-shaped body means you carry most of your weight in your mid-section. Usually, apple-shaped women will have larger stomachs but thin legs. The common goal for women with apple-shaped bodies is to draw attention away from their mid-section (or make it look slimmer) while accentuating their best assets: their sexy legs.

To accomplish this, it’s all about playing a trick on the eyes. You don’t need a corset—in fact, it might be too uncomfortable for women who aren’t typically curvaceous at the hips. Instead of trying to alter your body type with tight corsets and bustiers, instead shop for teddies with deep V necks like this one. The V shape draws the eyes towards the breasts and directly down the middle of your stomach, creating a flattering look that shows off your goodies and distracts from the less-fit areas. Pair this lingerie with some sexy heels to let your main attraction—those slender legs—take center stage.

Best Lingerie for a Pear Body Shape

how to choose the best lingerie for your body type

Lovely pear-shaped ladies, are you ready to learn which lingerie is best for you? A pear-shaped body is typically characterized by a small frame on top, gorgeous curvy hips, and a full bottom. Women with pear-shaped bodies typically don’t have large breasts, though it’s not impossible. When choosing lingerie for a pear body shape, don’t be afraid to draw attention to your ultra-feminine waist and narrow shoulders while letting your backside shine, too.

A strapless corset or bandeau-style bra will help balance out your top and bottom halves, making your small frame on top look a little wider. Doing so will make you feel like your bum is more proportional. Of course, in the age of the Kardashian body (ahem, large butts!), you are more than welcome to accentuate your lower half even more!

Best Lingerie for a Banana Body Shape

how to choose the best lingerie for your body type

Banana-shaped babes might lament lingerie shopping because it can be tough to flatter bits that you don’t feel you have. Otherwise known as a rectangle or ruler shape, ladies who are banana-shaped are tall, long, and lean. They don’t have any areas that are overly large—their bodies generally lack curves and tend to be pretty straight. But don’t let that discourage you from sporting gorgeous intimate wear! You just need to know what to look for.

To draw positive attention to your long, lean torso without making it seem unproportional, a delicate bralette that extends a bit lower than your bust is the way to go. The scalloped lace hem on this bra is a great example. Not only can you get creative with flirty details with this type of lingerie, but it’s also quite versatile, allowing you to slip it on underneath just about any outfit for a sexy surprise for that special someone.

Best Lingerie for an Hourglass Body Shape

how to choose the best lingerie for your body type

Last but not least, we have the hot hourglass gals who were blessed with tiny waists and curvy assets. The hourglass shape is considered to be one of the most sought-after body shapes. However, everyone can enjoy the body of their dreams when they simply learn how to flatter their strong suits effectively. Sometimes, even the hourglass women need help finding their inner sexy darling.

Though most all types of lingerie can flatter an hourglass shape, to amp up the sexiness, women with an hourglass shape can turn up the heat with fun accessories such as suspenders and waist cinchers. Bring attention to your little waist and let your other assets look as large as you’d like—you can’t lose with this mindset!

No matter your shape or size, there is lingerie out there that was made for you! Just remember what we recommend for your shape, and you will likely have a much more enjoyable time shopping for lingerie. Because shopping is much more fun when the clothes actually fit and flatter, don’t you think? Let's get you started—shop flattering lingerie for all body types here.

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