How to Choose Comfortable Lingerie You'll Actually Want to Wear

October 16, 2018

How to Choose Comfortable Lingerie You'll Actually Want to Wear

When it comes to picking out the best lingerie for your body type, it can be hard choosing items that satisfy your style and your shape. The truth is, buying lingerie can be hard. However, knowledge is power, and with just a few handy tips on how to find comfortable lingerie that looks good too, you'll never be afraid to shop for lingerie again.

Finding comfortable lingerie can be tough, especially if you're one of eight in 10 Americans who shop online. That doesn't mean finding comfortable lingerie online is impossible, though—it just means you need a little help knowing what to look for since you can't feel the garment before you buy it. As lingerie experts, we're dishing some of our best advice for choosing comfortable lingerie you'll actually enjoy wearing.


8 Tips for Choosing Comfortable Lingerie

1. Look for cotton

Much like the comfort of sweatpants, comfortable lingerie also uses tried-and-true materials such as cotton. There's a reason cotton is used so widely—it's a soft, breathable material. Any comfortable panties should have mostly cotton in the fabric, whereas other garments may have a nice mix of additional comfort-enhancing materials. 

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2. Slip into silk

Remember those other comfort-enhancing materials we mentioned? Silk is one of them. Especially when it comes to lingerie, silk is a top contender in sexiness and in softness. We love this fabric for its touchable texture and light weight. If you like to sleep in lingerie, try making your slumber more comfortable by slipping into a satin robe.

How to Choose Comfortable Lingerie You'll Actually Want to Wear 


3. Coverage does not always equal comfort

You may think that any panty or bra with a lot of coverage automatically equals great comfort. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. If comfortable lingerie is your main criteria, look closely at boy shorts before you buy them. Some styles may ride up more than others. Though, we do like boy shorts with garters as a sexy solution.

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4. Try chemises

If you're not familiar with all the types of lingerie, you may not have heard of a chemise. Chemises are essentially sexy nightgowns or mini dresses for the bedroom. Wearing a chemise is as comfortable as lingerie comes—it's lightweight and easy-to-wear. Just slip it on. For extra comfort, be sure to buy chemises with adjustable straps.

How to Choose Comfortable Lingerie You'll Actually Want to Wear


5. Find wide bands

Thongs are great for a no-show look underneath your clothes, and they're hot when the clothes come off, too. Even sexy thongs can be comfortable if you choose the right styles. Instead of buying cut-out styles, opt for a wideband thong. Stretchy lace styles are attractive and comfy options to try. Additionally, keep a lookout for material descriptions—if there is no stretch, you will not be happy.


6. Go adjustable

How can lingerie be comfortable if it doesn't fit correctly? Side-step any possible fit issues by buying bras, babydolls, and items that have adjustable straps only. Even if you're buying a comfortable, stretchy bra or a bralette, it's best to find styles that have adjustable straps. This way, you won't have to worry about finding the perfect fit—and we all know how hard it is to find the perfect sexy bra.

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 How to Choose Comfortable Lingerie You'll Actually Want to Wear

7. Update your PJs

When in doubt, the camisole will always be a comfortable undergarment and a nighttime essential. However, that doesn't mean your camis have to be drab. Give your pajama wardrobe a facelift with some new, cozy camisole sets. You can even cuddle up in a satin camisole set for double the comfort. There's no shame in updating your pajama game.

 Comfortable Lingerie

8. No hardware

We love a bustier just as much as the next lingerie addict, but if you're looking for comfort, ribbing may not be your best bet. Ribbing on bustiers and corsets undoubtedly makes these pieces sexy, but it can also be irritating to some after long-wear. The same methodology goes for any pieces with underwire—if you enjoy comfort, think twice about lingerie with underwire. While most underwire bras are usually fine, they are not the most flexible items. 

Shopping for lingerie should be fun. Hopefully, these tips have eased your worries about finding comfortable lingerie and purchasing it online. If you're ready to bring comfort back to your life, start shopping for lingerie now.

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Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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