7 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

July 21, 2021

7 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, requiring two people in it for the long run. The period of courtship is exciting for the couple, and some people think that the romance will carry into their marriage without any extra effort.

Once you are married, though, you realize you have added responsibilities. Women specifically go through a lot of hardships when they become wives. Society expects them to handle family responsibilities whether or not they stay at home, and having children and doing house chores can take a toll on a woman's emotional and physical health.

If you want your wife to slip into sexy lingerie for a flirtatious romp, it is your responsibility as her husband to make her feel loved and sexy. The lingerie will come—we promise!


Here Are 7 Tips to Get Your Wife Into Sexy Lingerie:

1. Shower her with words of affirmation

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Nothing gets women excited more than a well-timed compliment; your words can do a lot to get the confidence of your woman high.

If you realize that your spouse is having trouble loving and seeing herself as a sexy woman, you should go the extra mile to correct this problem.

Compliments work best when they are out of the blue, completely unexpected. If you tell her how sexy she looks, she will believe it and carry herself likewise. You can slowly start to drop hints that you love when she wears sexier clothing and eventually that sexy lingerie set you bought her.


how to get your wife to wear sexy lingerie

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2. Work out together


The only thing better than being told you look sexy is feeling like you are the most beautiful woman alive. As much as words can be powerful and affirming, they won’t do much if your lady doesn’t believe it.

Working out together will not only make both of you physically fit but it also works wonders on a person's body image and self esteem. Use it as an opportunity to spend time together with dates at the gym, and soon enough, you'll notice your wife feeling much more confident in the bedroom.

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To get started working out together, take the pressure off by simply asking your wife to support you in your workout journey. Of course, a cute pair of joggers or sports bra always sweetens the deal—just saying!


3. Flirt hard

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Sometimes, flirting loses its way in a marriage.

If you want your wife to wear lingerie in the bedroom, she might need a little motivation to do so. Flirting is an excellent way to set the mood.

Bring the butterflies back to your wife's stomach in a variety of ways—from what you say to physical touch. Flirt over a cup of coffee or through text messages. Surprise her with flowers, new panties, or even a sweet note on the foggy mirror while she's in the shower.

She will feel loved and cherished and will go out of her way to dress just for you.


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4. Show your affection publicly

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

One of the things that might make your lady not feel sexy is if she does not feel you are proud of her. Displaying that you take pride in having her as your spouse in public can turn things around.

You can take her out to dinner or lunch and hold her hand. A gesture like posting her photo on Instagram or Facebook (on a day that's not her birthday or your anniversary) will do wonders. She will know your world revolves around her and do what she can to ensure you feel the same.

Since she understands you like her body, she will make an effort to show it off to you. Before you know it, your queen will start wearing sexy lingerie.


how to get your wife to wear lingerie


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5. Ask her

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Perhaps the most obvious thing that you may look down upon is merely asking your wife to wear lingerie. Easy, right?

This direct approach may seem unpopular at first, but it can yield excellent results. Just be sensitive about the words you choose, otherwise you could hurt your wife. Ask her in a loving manner and at the right time.

This direct approach will also show your wife that you still find her as attractive as you always have. Who knows, she might be totally into it and you could unlock a whole new level to your marriage!


6. Ignore other women

how to get your wife to wear lingerie

Yes, ignore them!

You might think that your wife does not notice when you recognize other attractive women on the streets or even on television. But the truth is, women can tell when they are not getting their partner's full attention, and it can turn them off quickly.

Let your wife know she is the center of your universe and that you only have eyes for her. Making her feel wanted could be asking her to model a new bra set or swimsuit for you.

It does not hurt to say that you prefer her over some of the women you see—she will likely reciprocate.


7. Give her gifts

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Gifts are a classic way to woo your partner. Your wife will love any thoughtful gift that makes her feel loved, supported, or appreciated. The keyword here is "thoughtful."

If you decide to buy her lingerie, just make sure you get it in her favorite color and size. Otherwise, you could create issues by getting her something that shows you don't listen to her. Instead, you could buy yourself a sexy roleplay costume and act out one of her fantasies. 

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Use the above tips and enjoy seeing your lovely wife in sexy lingerie and exploring new depths of your relationship.

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