7 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

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7 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and it goes beyond the pomp and color of the wedding ceremony.  It requires two people in it for the long run. The period of courtship is exciting for the couple, and most people think that it is a smooth ride from start to finish and the feeling will be carried automatically into marriage.

Once you are married, you realize you have added responsibilities because you are no longer single. Women go through a lot of hardships because they are the homemakers and society expects them to stay at home and handle family responsibilities.

Having children and doing house chores takes a toll on the body of the wife and makes them feel unattractive. It is your responsibility as the husband to make your spouse feel loved and sexy.

Here are Seven Tips to Get Your Wife Into That Sexy Lingerie:

1. Words of Affirmation

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Nothing gets women excited more than a well-timed compliment; your words can do a lot to get the confidence of your woman high. If you realize that your spouse is having trouble loving and seeing herself as a sexy woman, you should go the extra mile to correct this problem. Compliments work best when they are out of the blue, completely unexpected. If you tell her how sexy she looks, she will believe it and carry herself likewise. You can slowly start to drop hints that you love when she wears sexier clothing and eventually that sexy mini dress lingerie you bought her.

2. Working Out Together


The only thing better than being told you look sexy is feeling like you are the most beautiful woman alive. As much as words can be powerful and affirming, they won’t do much if your lady doesn’t believe it. Make it look as if you are the one who needs the workout and only looking for her to support you. Before long, you will gradually begin to see the results. You can buy her lingerie as a reward for making the effort to workout with you. Workout will not only make you physically fit but it is also an opportunity to spend time together.

3. Flirting

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Flirting is an excellent way of setting the mood right for such suggestions. Apart from creating a conducive environment for your bedroom escapades, suggest a change of bedroom wardrobe. As the man, imagine you are not yet married, and you are still trying to win her heart. Flirting can come in many ways, from what you say to physical touch. Flirt over a cup of coffee or through text messages, chats or even phone calls. She will feel loved and cherished and will go out of her way to dress just for you.

4. Public Display of Affection

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

One of the things that might make your lady not feel sexy, is because she does not feel you are proud of her.  Displaying that you take pride in having her as your spouse in public can turn things around. You can take her out to dinner or lunch and hold her hand.  A gesture like posting her photo on Instagram or Facebook will do wonders. It will melt her heart. She will know you world revolves around her and reward you. Since she understands you like her sexy body, she will make the efforts to show it off to you. Before you know it, your queen will start donning that lingerie.

5. Say It

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Perhaps the most obvious thing that you may look down upon is merely stating that you want her to wear lingerie, easy right? This direct approach may seem unpopular to you, but it can yield excellent results. However, be very cautious how you say it or it will have reverse effects. Say it in a loving manner and at the right time. This direct approach with her will also show that you still find her attractive as always.

6. Ignore Other Women

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Yes, ignore them! You might think that your wife does not notice when you recognize other good-looking women on the streets or even on television. Let her know she is the center of your universe and you only have eyes for her. It does not hurt to say that you prefer her over some of the women you see and she will reciprocate.

7. Gifts

7 Ways To Get Your Wife to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Women respond quite well to gifts you give them, especially jewelry. She will appreciate whatever you get her because it is a sign you love and appreciate her. Buy her lingerie, make sure you get it in her favorite color and size; otherwise, it will just show how little you know about her and hence create more problems.

Use the above tips and enjoy seeing your treasure in that sexy lingerie. You will be surprised at the wonderful results you will enjoy between the sheets.

Ladies, what do you think? Will these 7 tips encourage you to wear sexy lingerie? Gentlemen, what other tactics work on getting your wife to dress sexy for bed?

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