13 Sexy & Edgy Pieces to Fuel Your Leather Kink

May 20, 2021

leather kink

So, you've got a leather kink? It’s undeniable that leather is the sexiest, edgiest fabric around.

Leather’s popularity can be attributed to how pervasive it is, spanning numerous kink cultures. The leather kink community is loud and proud, wearing their kink on their sleeves—quite literally.

Anyone who is into BDSM orbondage has used leather restraints, experiencing how sexy leather can be. From there, it’s easy to be turned onto—and turned on by—leather. You start with leather restraints, and the next thing you know, you’re buying a leather thong. 


Why Is Leather So Sexy? 

leather kink

To wear leather, you have to be confident, which is why it looks so sexy on everyone. Just wearing it reveals that you feel good about your body and want to show it off. 

Because of this, leather isn’t just arousing for the people who see you in it. It can also be arousing to wear. Leather makes you feel powerful, confident, and sexy, which in turn makes you feel sexually stimulated, and ready to use the body that you feel so good about.  

Some people love the feel of leather, the sound it makes when you move, and even the smell of it. Leather truly is unlike any other fabric in the world! 

Leather also is heavily associated with BDSM, so wearing it evokes images of BDSM practices, which turns people on.

It has become the iconic fabric of kinky sex! 


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13 Leather Kink Accessories, Lingerie Pieces, and Adult Toys 

With leather harnesses, leather restraints, leather panties, leather boxers, and leather accessories,Lingerie Diva has everything you’re looking for to fuel your leather kink.


1. Leather Demi Bra

leather kink

Strap in for a good time with this sexy, strappy Leather Demi Bra. With metallic accents like studs and rings, this bra is for hardcore hotties. 

Providing support through its underwire cups, and sex appeal through its edgy design, there’s so much to love about this leather bra! 

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2. GoGo White Patent Boots

leather kink

Once you put these GoGo White Patent Boots on, you’ll just want to go, go, go, all night long. These groovy boots feature a rounded toe, wet-look white patent leather, and a side zipper. 

Their knee-length height and 3” block heel make them some of the sexiest and tallest leather boots available. Pair with other white leather for a look that’s simultaneously angelic and devilish. 

Shop GoGo White Patent Boots →

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3. Sexy Leather Peek-A-Boo G-String

leather kink

Let your boo take a peek with this erotic Leather Peek-A-Boo G-string. This super daring piece has a smooth leather design with chain detailing and a slit in a very suggestive spot. 

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4. Revealing Leather & Chain Set

leather kink

If you’re looking for an edgy, glamorous, daring lingerie set, there’s no better option than the Revealing Leather & Chain Set. Leaving little to the imagination, this set is sure to make a big splash. 

This sexy and spicy two-piece features a leather and chain vest, ring detailing, and a matching thong with nailheads. It’s perfect for biker or BDSM babes.

Shop Revealing Leather & Chain Set →

5. Erotic Leather Collar

leather kink

There’s nothing boring or restrained about this naughty Erotic Leather Collar- other than the wrist restraints that come with it of course. 

This sexy accessory features O-ring accents and buckle details. It’s perfect for couples experimenting with the leather kink and power play. 

Shop Erotic Leather Collar →

6. HOT Men’s Leather Shorts

leather kink

Keep it tight and titillating in these HOT Men’s Leather Shorts. 

These insanely provocative leather shorts are not short on sex appeal. They even feature the added naughty detail of a break-away front and mesh back. 

Shop HOT Men’s Leather Shorts →

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7. Leather Paddle

leather kink

This Leather Paddle is sure to be a hit with your partner. Stay in control with the easy-to-use short handle on this wild and wicked little paddle. 

The three metal studs incorporated into its design enhance its edgy look and feel, helping bring your partner over the edge. 

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8. Studded Suspender Pouch

leather kink

Look like a total stud in this Studded Suspender Pouch. This daring men’s lingerie piece allows you to bare it all. 

The full-body strapped thong underwear has ring and stud detailing, adding to its immense sex appeal. 

Shop Studded Suspender Pouch →

9. Black Leather Cross Pasties

leather kink

These Black Leather Cross Pasties are perfect for men and women who want minimal coverage. With self-adhesive, they are beyond easy to apply. 

If you wear these stickers you’ll definitely get into some sticky, sexy situations!

Shop Black Leather Cross Pasties →

10. Black Studded Medusa Teddy

leather kink

Not only will you rock this look, you’ll dominate it! With faux leather, open cups, and an open crotch, this leather teddy is only for the most daring dominatrixes.

Do you dare? 

Shop Black Studded Medusa Teddy →

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11. Clawed Motorcycle Gloves

leather kink

Rawr! These Clawed Motorcycle Gloves are the purrfect accessory to leather lingerie. Wear them in the bedroom when you want to take your claws out. 

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12. Selene Studded Dress

leather kink

This revealing Selene Studded Dress makes a shocking statement whether you wear it out on the town or behind closed doors.

This distinctive dress has four-way stretch fabric that shows off and enhances your curves. Other details, like perfectly placed cut-outs and nickel-plated studs, make this dress a stylish and kinky choice for leather lovers. 

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13. Gladiator

leather kink

Look like a sexy warrior in this Gladiator get-up. With a one-piece thong, three-strap choker harness, and decorative studs, this leather lingerie will ensure that you’re not just riding chariot all night long 😉

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Whether you’re looking for leather accessories, leather lingerie, or leather toys, Lingerie Diva has everything you need to fuel your leather kink.

If you love leather, you’ll love our sexy and edgy pieces for affordable prices! 

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