Cute Summer Date Ideas Whether It's Your First or 500th Date

June 15, 2022

summer date ideas

Looking for some summer date ideas? You and everyone else!

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, or married and ready to get out of the house, this list features 13 cute summer date ideas that couples will enjoy, no matter if you're going on your first or 500th date. 

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13 Cute Summer Date Ideas for Countless Memorable Moments

1. Take a hot air balloon ride

summer date ideas

If you have someone you want to get hot and heavy with, take them on a romantic hot air balloon ride. The only thing more captivating than looking at the sights will be looking at each other. 

Try to go around sunrise so you can be floating in the sky while the sun leaves it. Bring along some snacks and drinks to make the experience even more fun. 

2. Hike together

summer date ideas

Whether you’re trekking around the mountains or strolling downtown, hiking is not only an adventurous summer date idea—it also presents a great opportunity for you and your date to chat and get to know each other. 

Need a moment to lean in for the kiss? Take advantage of the sunrise, sunset, or even surprise rainfall for a picturesque smooch with a view. 💋

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3. Picnic in the park 

summer date ideas

There’s something so quaintly romantic about a picnic in the park. As simple as this date is, it’s undeniably memorable! 

It doesn’t take much work to set one up: find a cute basket, get a colorful blanket, pack some sandwiches, and pick out some wine! If you’re feeling fancy, make a charcuterie board. 

To turn up the romance, schedule your picnic in the park during a local live music set—it'll feel like a private concert playing just for you!

4. Have a date night in 

summer date ideas

For the homebodies, there is still plenty of fun to be had in your most comfortable place. Why put on pants to go out when you can stay in and wear no pants?

For a special summer date night in, buy your significant other some hot lingerie and maybe even a sexy adult game like Strip Tease Poker, Dirty Deeds, or Strip Bedroom Blocks

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5. Aquatic adventures, anyone?

summer date ideas

If you’re lucky enough to live near a river, lake, or even ocean, have some aquatic fun with your significant other or date by renting kayaks or stand-up paddleboards.

This a cute summer date idea for extra hot days so you can jump (or fall) in to cool off! Especially if you want to show off a sexy new swimsuit. 

If you don't live near a body of water, improvise with a date at the water park, pool, or even in your own backyard with edible body paints and a hose 💦 

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6. Try horseback riding 

summer date ideas

Consider yourself a Prince or Princess Charming? Take your date on a fairytale summer date by going horseback riding.

This activity is even more fun when done in a scenic location like the woods or the beach. You can literally ride into the sunset towards your happy ending—cue the music!

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7. Play games

summer date ideas

Love’s a game. So why not play some on your first date?

Bring out your inner child on a classic date to an arcade or bowling alley. Get to know your date and rev up each other's competitive sides with this air-conditioned summer activity.

Check your local area for a barcade—where you can play arcade games while enjoying adult beverages.

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8. Enjoy a live show 

summer date ideas

If there’s one thing people missed during the pandemic, it was live shows. 

No matter your jam, there is all kinds of live entertainment that would make a cute summer date—no matter how long you've known someone.

Depending on your interests, consider going to see live music, musical theater, comedy shows, open mic nights, drag shows, and other live events. This is a great way to share in your common interests while ensuring the pressure is on someone else—the performer.

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9. Have fun at a festival 

summer date ideasSummertime is festival and parade season, and there are so many different kinds.

Check out a Fourth of July parade with your date for a built-in romantic moment when the fireworks go off, or attend a Pride Parade together in June!

You can also check local media event calendars for food festivals, wine and beer festivals, and other quirky local events that make might a fun new memory (or tradition—you never know!). 

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10. Go to the movies 

summer date ideas

The cinema is a classic summer date choice.

There’s nothing quite like going to the movies: popcorn, soda, a big screen, a large comfy chair, and plenty of air conditioning. Take your date to see a new film they've been dying to catch to show them how well you listen.

For a spin on the indoor movie theater experience, see if there are any outdoor movie theaters or drive-in theaters nearby to visit for an unforgettable summer date night!

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11. Up on the rooftop

summer date ideas

The sky is the limit when you’re on a rooftop!

Seek out a rooftop bar or party for a fun summer date night out. This romantic setting is perfect for you and your date to enjoy some nightlife and your city’s skyline. 

Dress up in your favorite outfit, or buy a new sexy dress for date night. Have a sultry night together out on the town up above it! 

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12. Visit a museum 

summer date ideas

Dates are all about learning: learning about each other, what you both like, and how you match up. If you take your date to a museum, you can take that learning up a notch. 

Whether you visit an art museum, history museum, or you simply take a public art tour of your own town, there will be plenty of eye candy on this date!

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13. Get sporty

summer date ideas

There are two ways to do sports dates: either watching or playing them.

If a likeness to a certain sport or recreational activity is a shared interest between you two, a great way to bond is to get the blood pumping and engaging in that activity together.

Whether you go skating together, cycling, play tennis, or you simply catch the home team's latest ball game—sports always make for a cute summer date idea!

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After the date is over and you decide you take it to the bedroom, don't forget to wear something you feel confident in!

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