How To Wear Thigh Highs

December 28, 2022

how to wear thigh highs

Have you been wondering how to wear thigh highs?

Thigh high socks and stockings are an underrated accessory that can pack a big punch. You can wear this flirty hosiery style with many different outfits—both in and out of the bedroom!

No matter your reason for wearing thigh highs, we're going to go over some of our favorite ways to wear these sexy socks.

Even if you've never tried them before, you will learn how to wear thigh highs today!


Common Questions About Wearing Thigh Highs 

What is the purpose of thigh high stockings?

Toeing the line between sexy lingerie and everyday clothing, thigh highs are stylish and practical. They are similar in purpose to wearing underwear as outerwear. 

Especially when temperatures are cold and you want to get creative with winter wear, thigh highs allow you to pull together outfits with skirts and dresses. You can extend your warmth and wardrobe!

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Why are thigh highs a turn on?

What's so sexy about some hosiery, you ask?

Not to be confused with knee highs, thigh highs reach up your legs right until your mid-thigh, a suggestive spot for clothing that covers so much.

People may think thigh highs come across as conservative, but in reality, they can be mysterious and tantalizing. When you have just a sliver of skin peeking  between the top of the sock and the bottom of your skirt, your partner's imagination can run wild.


Where should thigh highs sit?

The ideal place for thigh highs to reach is mid-thigh or slightly higher, depending on your outfit and comfort.

How do you get thigh highs to stay up?

Sometimes, people experience issues with their thigh highs rolling down. If your thigh highs are not staying up, this is often due to sizing, material, or general fit.

In addition to the size, pay close attention to the material of the top band of your thigh highs—whether or not it has stretch, a silicone band, or other details can give you an idea if they will stay up.

For a no-fail option, you can purchase stay up thigh highs specifically designed with a silicone inner band to keep them from slipping down.

Another option is to pair a garter belt/garters with your thigh highs—more on that below.



How To Wear Thigh Highs With Lingerie

spicing up date night with thigh highs

You really can't go wrong with wearing your thigh highs with lingerie. Some lingerie sets even come with matching hosiery!

That's because these aren’t your out-of-touch aunt’s flesh-toned hose—stay-up socks are a bit cheeky and they nod to all those retro fetishes popularized back in the '60s and '70s.


Wearing thigh highs with role play costumes

The truth is, thigh highs can sex-ify just about anything. Sexy nurse, sexy bunny, sexy schoolgirl... the list goes on.

If you're leaning towards wearing thigh highs for a more imaginative date night, there are plenty of sexy role play costumes with thigh highs.

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how to wear thigh highs


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Wearing thigh highs with garter belts

It is also not uncommon to pair your lingerie with garter belts.

Garters are popular for brides to wear under their gowns, but this practice is not reserved for brides only!

Garter belts are functional, helping your thigh highs stay up using clips or other fasteners. It's just an added bonus that they amp up the seduction factor!

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how to wear thigh highs


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How To Wear Thigh High Outfits Outside the Bedroom

spicing up date night with thigh highs

Because thigh high socks can come in a variety of materials and styles, some are better suited for the outside world while others are best seen behind closed doors.

Perhaps you're looking for a more... civilian way to rock your hosiery.

The key to wearing thigh highs with daytime outfits is to play up the sweeter side of the accessory.

All you need is a pair of thigh highs, some heels (or booties) and an outfit that shows off your legs.

Wear them with flirty miniskirts and dresses so that you can show off just enough skin—that hot spot between the top of the socks and the bottom of your hem. By teasing this off-limits area, you bypass the need for spilling cleavage and other sexy styling tricks.

Wear thicker varieties for fashionable ensembles and throw on the thin hose for a date night that will end with dessert at home.

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how to wear thigh highs

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how to wear thigh highs

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how to wear thigh highs

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how to wear thigh highs


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