7 Role Play Scenarios Your Man Probably Fantasizes About

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7 role play scenarios your man probably fantasizes about

Role-playing is one of those things that seems taboo. However, it is not uncommon for couples or partners to experiment with role-playing. In fact, it's a ton of fun and can be a great way to spice up your relationship.

Though we don't like to support stereotypes, what you've heard about men and pornography is true: Multiple studies have shown that a man is much more likely to watch porn than the woman in the relationship. "The Porn Gap" means that men are often consuming this type of voyeuristic content while their female partners are not, thus resulting in skewed ideas of what a healthy sexual relationship might look like.

Think about it: What types of scenarios are shown in pornography? Themed sex scenarios, just like role-playing with your partner, minus the romance. It is not unheard of to assume, then, that your man may be having hot dreams about the two of you reenacting such scenarios. Of course, porn actors will not have the same connection and intimacy that you and your partner have, so you can expect your role-playing to be much more fulfilling than what happens on-screen.

We aren't saying you are expected to act like a porn star in the bedroom, but we do know that engaging in frisky fun is a great way to awaken new sexual desires for both parties. It can even make you more confident in the bedroom.

If you're thinking about giving role play a try, consider buying costumes for the below role-play scenarios.


7 Sexy Role Play Scenarios To Try

These are some of the most-wanted scenarios out there. 

1. Two Strangers

There's just something so fun about coming onto your significant other in a bar when nobody knows you're together. It feels like taking your alter-ego out to play, and that's what makes this role play scenario so fun and popular. Simply take on a new name, come up with a great backstory, and wait for your night of flirtation with a "stranger" to unfold. The best part is: You know you have someone to go home with.

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2. Stripper

Men are highly visual, especially when it comes to turn-ons. If you take on the role of a stripper and wear a sultry corset or lingerie set, your man will have a hard time resisting you as you put on a show for him. Have him "pay" you in some other way than cash to ensure you get enough pleasure out of the exchange as well. Don't forget to set the mood with lighting and music for a "show" he will never forget.

7 role play scenarios your man probably fantasizes about 

3. Plumber

Perhaps inspired by porn (what role-play scenario isn't?), the plumber and housewife scenario doesn't require much other than a toolbelt. You could play up the housewife role by wearing an apron when a sexy, shirtless plumber shows up at your door. We're willing to bet it shouldn't take too long for him to "fix" your leaky faucet.

4. Cop and Criminal

The cop-and-criminal scenario is as classic as they come, and for good reason. Being "bad" just feels so good. You can lean a little into dominatrix play if you both discussed wanting to try it beforehand. Being "punished" for your actions as a criminal, and vice versa, can be really, really hot.

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7 role play scenarios your man probably fantasizes about


5. On-Camera Stars

We said you didn't have to act like a porn star in the bedroom, but if you want to, that's another story. Find your moment in the limelight by filming a sex tape with your lover. How you choose to "perform" is up to you. Just remember to set rules/boundaries about privacy and where you will choose to store the video. Though a leaked sex tape worked out for Kim K., that doesn't mean it will for you. Keep your naughty adventures in private, and enjoy watching the video together.

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6. Doctor and Nurse

Another classic role play scenario, playing doctor and nurse never gets old. Your man can check your pulse and give you all kinds of other "inspections," and you can make sure that, as his nurse, he has everything he needs. (Wink, wink). You can't go wrong with the doctor and nurse role play scenario.

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7 role play scenarios your man probably fantasizes about


7. Boss and Employee

Let your man take charge in the boss/employee role play scenario. You may be his hot secretary or his bad employee—either way, there's a good chance you've earned a spanking for something you did. Play out this fantasy on a desk at home if you have one, or sneak into the office for a little rendezvous. 

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