The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered

August 15, 2018

If you were intrigued at the thought of men’s lingerie, you came to the right place. Many people know that women have plenty of lingerie options, but they don’t realize men can wear lingerie, too! There are so many moments that men’s lingerie makes sense: anniversaries, special occasions, and even just date nights can be made more memorable with the addition of men’s lingerie.

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about men’s lingerie, plus some sexy items you should keep on your radar if you’re considering buying something.

Why Men’s Lingerie?

Because it’s the 21st century, baby!

The term “lingerie” originates from France and actually translates to “women’s intimate apparel,” but there’s no doubting that many societal structures have changed since the term’s first-known use in 1835. Modern times call for modern apparel, and the modern man likes to flaunt his goodies every now and then too! Looking and feeling sexy is not only reserved for women, and we are big believers that everyone should have the chance to feel amazing in their own skin. If a skimpy piece of underwear can make that happen for a man, then we’re all for it! (Plus, it’s not too harsh on the eyes, either…)

What is Men’s Lingerie?

Just as it is for women, men’s lingerie is simply classified as undergarments for guys. This could refer to your average boxer briefs, or it could refer to a naughty, barely-there butler costume. The kind of men’s lingerie a guy wears is totally up to him and his taste. Some guys may be more adventurous and kinky, whereas others prefer simplicity. Luckily, there are options for all kinds.

Whether you’re looking for some fun lingerie for your man or you’re shopping for yourself, there are many options out there for each kind of guy.

What Are Some Types of Men’s Lingerie?

Here are some of the hottest modern men’s lingerie finds on the market.


Novelty lingerie is for the man on a mission. When you choose to slip into some novelty undergarments, you know you’re going to get some attention from your partner! Often worn to be playful in the bedroom, this type of lingerie is sure to spark a smile.

Whether you want to show off your trunk…

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


Or get in touch with your wild side...

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


Novelty lingerie is the perfect way to show off your fun side. Bedroom activity doesn’t always have to be seriously sexy—in our book, laughter and playfulness is just as fun as (if not more than) a romantic rumble in the sheets. In fact, you can actually laugh your way to better sex, so don’t knock these goofy garments… They might be just the jolt your relationship has been needing. In a similar vein, some hot lingerie costumes for men could also fuel some fun in the sack.


If you’re still not sold on the idea of men’s lingerie, start simple with some briefs. Briefs come in many different styles, allowing men of all personalities to choose a type that fits their fancy. Though your plain briefs are probably nice, it wouldn’t hurt to step up your undergarment game with some of these popular styles.

You can sport some subtle snakeskin…

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


Keep it simple with a solid color and length...

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


Or pucker up for a night of naughtiness...

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered

There are even backless and frontless briefs for those moments you really want to rile up your partner. It’s common to start with some of the “safer” brief options like those pictured above, then venture out into kinkier styles. It’s easy to get hooked on lingerie, and if you’re just now entering the world of men’s lingerie, you sure are in for a treat! The addition of men’s lingerie could make your sex life do a 180—in a good way.


Feeling cheeky? Thongs are feisty items that any man serious about lingerie should own. If you’re wondering if a man can wear a thong, the answer is yes! Thongs are constructed similarly to a jock strap, so you should have no problem getting the support you need. Thongs are fantastic for freedom of movement, and, of course, they make a bold statement!

Try a colorful number

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


Or command attention…

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


Or keep it sleek…

The Skinny on Men's Lingerie - All Questions Answered


For a full look at all the men’s thongs on the market, check out this page. Surely you’ll be able to find a pair (or five) you can imagine yourself in. Options range from naughty to nice to arousing to just plain sexy! Slip on one of these numbers underneath your work clothes, and create a sexy striptease from the moment you get home—chances are, you’ll be able to work off the stress of the day in no time. Thongs are also quite comfortable for working out if you’d like to work off the day’s stress a different way.


What Size Do I Order?

When buying a men’s thong or novelty lingerie either for yourself or someone else, just treat them like normal undergarments. Your size in a thong or novelty piece will be generally the same as your day-to-day, casual underwear. If you haven’t purchased underwear recently, or your current pairs are a bit stretched out, you may want to measure your waist. Thongs do grip firmly at the waist, so you do want to be sure to get a comfortable size.

You don’t know what you like until you try it. Browse the hottest men’s lingerie here, and don’t be afraid to try something new or exotic!

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Jennifer Tiemeyer
Jennifer Tiemeyer

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