5 Tips for Sexy Winter Outfits Even When It's Freezing

January 13, 2022

sexy winter outfits

Baby, it's cold outside... and that mini skirt is not going to cut it! What's a woman to do when she wants sexy winter outfits?

If you're hoping to turn up the heat this winter and dress to impress for a date, an upcoming party, or any other occasion, we've got some sexy winter style tips for you. 

If you thought it was impossible to find sexy winter clothes that provide warmth and a wow-factor, think again, darling. You don't have to be bundled like the abominable snowman just to stay warm during the winter!

Below we'll go over our best tried-and-true tips for dressing sexy in the cold without sacrificing your comfort.


Your Guide to Sexy Winter Outfits & Clothes

Sexy Winter Outfit Tip #1: Layer, babe

sexy winter outfits

Perhaps the most important cold-weather tip there is, layering your clothes is the best way to keep your body warmth close and your partner even closer.

Every woman should have a few trusty camisoles in her closet, and these inconspicuous little tops make for a stylish night no matter the temperature.

Layer lacy camisoles under sweaters or your furriest cardigan—sexy, lacy straps that peek out at the perfect moment can be an unexpected, ultra sensual moment.

sexy winter outfits


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Sexy Winter Outfit Tip #2: Try thigh-highs

sexy winter outfits

We can't lie—we're obsessed with thigh-high boots. Absolutely sultry and actually functional, these tall shoes are the ideal matchup for the sexy woman wanting to show some skin in the winter months.

Simply snag a pair of thigh-high socks or pantyhose, and let your legs do the talking.

Whether you pair your thigh-highs stockings with a sweater dress or a pair of skinny jeans, you can't go wrong. When worn with a dress, you show just enough skin to make your man wanting more. And when worn with tight leggings or jeans, your legs immediately look as though they've grown an extra mile long.

Your winter wardrobe needs thigh highs if you're looking to heat things up this season!

sexy winter outfits


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Sexy Winter Outfit Tip #3: Hosiery is your friend

sexy winter outfits

You already know how we feel about thigh-highs, but we'd be remiss not to mention the other hosiery heroes that will keep you toasty this winter.

Instead of writing off all dresses and skirts for your winter outfits, give them new life with a pair of sexy pantyhose lining your legs.

Not only do pantyhose give bare legs protection from the elements, but they help smooth the appearance, too! So you can stay warm and forego shaving your legs if you want.

What kind of hosiery should you wear? Well, for date night, try slipping on scandalous bodystockings under some strategic clothing. Or, wear pantyhose under your jeans for an extra layer. Crotchless pantyhose also exist!

You can even opt for pantyhose with sexy details—fishnets are always a hot pick, or try a delicate lace look. You really can't go wrong! 


sexy winter outfits


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Sexy Winter Outfit Tip #4: Choose fabrics wisely

sexy winter outfits

If you want to stay away from shivering in your sexy outfit, pay attention to the fabrics of your clothing. You can "make-up" for a lack of material if that material is extra warm, such as wool or a chunky knit.

Keep this in mind when you're shopping for sweaters, sexy dresses, shirts, and skirts.

Of course, if you've been dying to wear that mesh bodysuit (we can't blame you), consider balancing the lack of material with extra-warm fabric on your bottom half or topper.

Don't sacrifice your own comfort (and health) to look hot! You could pair a mesh bodysuit with leather fleece-lined leggings and a furry coat, for example.

sexy winter outfits


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Sexy Winter Outfit Tip #5: Accessories are key

sexy winter outfits

Bundling up doesn't have to make you feel like a child stuffed into a puffy snowsuit. There are plenty of fashionable pieces that can add to your warmth without sacrificing your sex appeal.

Take socks, for example—these underrated accessories can do wonders for freezing feet in heels. Plus, socks with heels are a fashionista move.

The usual winter accessories shouldn't be forgotten, either—stylish beanies, gloves/mittens, scarves, and heeled boots can elevate your look into a cute snow bunny style.

Once you make it indoors, you can shed your hat to make sure you don't ruin your hair, and a few other layers can come off too.

sexy winter outfits


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 Putting together sexy winter outfits is not impossible; it just takes a little planning and creativity. In fact, we're willing to argue that a well-placed pair of pantyhose can heat things up more than you would imagine.

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